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Bachmann: Obama's Policies on Gays and Iran to Bring on Rapture

By EDGE | Apr 21
Question: If the rapture happens before Memorial Day, is it OK to wear white?

Harlem Hate Pastor Accuses Al Sharpton of Having AIDS

By EDGE | Apr 14
Harlem "hate pastor" Dr. James Manning of the ATLAH Baptist Church continued his assault on civil rights activist Al Sharpton this week

Hate Group Goes On Diet: 21 Day Fast For Marriage Begins Today

By Bobby McGuire | Apr 7
If all goes to plan, there will be a lot of skinny bigots come May.

Pat Robertson Delivers Most Insane Rant of His Career

By EDGE | Apr 2
Oral sex, anal sex, bestiality, polygamy, Islam, pizza and cake - you name it and Pat Robertson ranted about it today.

Is Pat Robertson Resigned that Marriage Equality May be a Reality?

By EDGE | Mar 25
With the Supreme Court about to hear arguments about whether same-sex marriage bans are unconstitutional, Pat Robertson says all you can do is pray.

Do Thin Mints Cause Lesbianism? One Christian Radical Thinks So

By EDGE | Mar 5
Could the sale of Tagalongs, Thin Mints and Somoas lead to a lifetime of Toshi Reagon songs, flannel shirts and WPGA tournaments?

Religious Rights Attorney Proposes 'Kill the Gays' Bill for California

By EDGE | Mar 3
A California religious rights attorney has proposed a ballot measure and is in the process of collecting signatures to have a law placed on the books in the Golden State that would make homosexuality a crime punishable by death.

Scott Lively Warns Gay Marriage Will Cause Sodom's Fire, Noah's Flood

By Bobby McGuire | Feb 23
According to pastor Scott "don't call me 'anti-gay'" Lively, 2015 might be a good year to take out more home owner's insurance.

Pat Robertson Warns of Man-Dog and Polygamous Weddings

By Bobby McGuire | Feb 21
What kind of boutonniere would you have at a man-dog wedding? And does the dog have to carry a bouquet? Would a polygamous wedding break your flower budget?

Harlem Hate Pastor Claims Justin Bieber Cut Off His Breasts

By EDGE | Feb 3
Just when you thought he couldn't get crazier, Rev. James David Manning is now claiming that pop idol Justin Bieber is transgender.

1 thru 10 of 27 Stories