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Debate Rages in India on IVF for Women Over 50

Debate Rages in India on IVF for Women Over 50

By Muneeza Naqvi | May 28
While there are no reliable statistics for how many Indian women undergo fertility treatments each year at what age, tens of thousands of IVF clinics have sprouted up in the country over the last decade.

Gay Indian Prince Touts LGBT Center in SF Visit

Gay Indian Prince Touts LGBT Center in SF Visit

By Heather Cassell | Mar 19
India's gay prince, Manvendra Singh Gohil, the crown prince of Rajpipla, will be making his first visit to the Bay Area to raise money for his new LGBT community center in Rajpipla.

Bags Packed, but Trans Judge Denied Visa by India

Bags Packed, but Trans Judge Denied Visa by India

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Mar 18
Indian officials have failed to issue a visa to a transgender Alameda County Superior Court judge who had been invited to talk to people about LGBT issues. At least one bureaucrat has indicated the problem lies with that subject matter.

For India's Typewriters, the Ribbon May Have Finally Run Out

By Tim Sullivan | Jan 25
Looking around cramped classrooms, you might think that the typewriter still has a future in India. But in one of the last places in the world where it remains a part of everyday life, twilight is at hand.

Millions Scramble After India Scraps Its Largest Banknotes

By Muneeza Naqvi | Nov 11
Indians awakened to confusion Wednesday as banks and ATMs remained closed after the government withdrew the highest-denomination currency notes overnight to halt money laundering.

Seeds of Trouble: Monsanto Threatens to Pull Out of India

By Nirmala George | Mar 6
U.S. seed giant Monsanto has threatened to pull its genetically modified crop technology from India if the government goes ahead with its plan to cut the company's royalty fees.

Gay Rights Activists March in New Delhi Parade

Nov 29
Hundreds of gay rights activists danced to drum beats and held colorful balloons as they marched in a parade in New Delhi on Sunday.

India's River Waters Cleanse Spirits at Hindu Festival

By Bernat Armangue | Aug 30
It's just water. But to the millions of Hindus expected at the Kumbh Mela festival, held this year along the Godavari, touching that water is reverential.

Award-Winning Actors, Directors Discuss Sexual Violence at 'Nirbhaya'

By Winnie McCroy | Apr 27
The electrifying new docudrama "Nirbhaya" made its North American premiere at Culture Project's Lynn Redgrave Theater, complete with a series of talkbacks.

Disabled Indian Trans Woman Dies After Being Pushed in Front of Train

By Jason St. Amand | Sep 25
An Indian transgender woman, who was disabled, died Wednesday after two youths allegedly pushed her in front of a moving train.

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