The Runaway

by Jason Salzenstein
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Wednesday Aug 16, 2006
The Runaway

If Judy Blume had lived in the 19th century, she would have been Elisabeth Anna Hart. Full of spunk, joy, adventure and mischief, her books for children aren't simple stories, nor are they dumbed-down versions of classics. Quite simply, she should be recognized for her sprightly, exciting and endearing writing that has an appeal (to both kids and adults) that has lasted well past its time. Lucky for us.

The Runaway is the story of proper, polite Clarice and her mysterious friend Olga- a young girl who ran away from her cruel boarding house, where they fed her only dog meat. Secretly yearning for adventure, Clarice takes her in and the story unfolds, exposing eccentricities, adventures and tales- some of them pretty tall.

As pure and innocent as it is adventurous and fun to read, the fact that The Runaway is written in English long since past only adds to its charm and amusement. With dialogue like "...for a sensible, clever girl, which you undoubtedly are, you are a great little goose," how could you not be amused? More fun still are the ways she sneaks food to her hidden friend and makes excuses for the unexplainable noises in her closet.

More than just a children's book, The Runaway is a fun, fantastic read on a lazy Sunday or day spent lying on the grass. As part of the incredible series from Persephone Books, it joins the rest of the brilliant collection written by and about (but not exclusively for women.

Persephone Books Ltd, 223 pages, ?10.00

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