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by JC Alvarez
Tuesday Jan 5, 2016

Now available on Blu-ray, one of the year's most critically acclaimed films "Sicario" brings home all the pulse-pounding suspense and action as it follows the story of an FBI agent played by Emily Blunt in a role, many say, has redefined her career. Featuring an all-star cast, the action is brutally realistic and takes you on a journey inside the inner workings of the nefarious dealings between the US and Mexico's border.

Known for her usual light-fare and rom-coms, Emily Blunt has broken the mold with her performance in "Sicario". Facing off against the likes of Benicio Del Toro who plays a dangerously mercenary agent who deals a heavy hand when it comes to the political going-ons in Mexico drug trafficking and illegal immigration. Blunt's impressionable FBI agent Kate gets recruited by the Josh Brolin's character in a perilous mission that will ultimately test her mettle.

The film is perfectly directed and accurately depicts the dangerous position that agents place themselves working the border between Mexico and the United States, preventing illegal transitions that often come with insurmountable pressures and daily risk taking. Denis Villeneuve works with his cast to give one of the most dramatic portrayals of covert missions as they truly happen.

The Blu-ray is packed with behind-the-scenes bonus material including a particularly stunning look at the unique challenges of filming "Sicario" in order to make it as authentically gripping as possible. "Stepping into Darkness: The Visual Design of 'Sicario'" allows audience to pierce the minds of the filmmakers dedicated to giving the film its sinister vibe. It also includes interviews with the cast and creators.

Presented in high-definition, "Sicario" is also captured in Dolby Atmos sound that recreates the theater experience in-home.

available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD Combo Pack

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