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Doberman Cop

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Jul 17, 2017
Doberman Cop

Just what the hell is a "Doberman Cop"? Only the filmmakers behind one of Japan's more obscure movie titles would know. But there are fans of the film too; otherwise, Arrow Video wouldn't be bringing this 1975 "mantra" movie to the masses for the first time on any home video format outside of Japan.

"Doberman Cop" was directed by Kinji Fukasaku, a renowned Japanese filmmaker and responsible for helming the much more popular (and successful) "Cops vs. Thugs." The star of the film, Sonny Chiba, reunites him with Fukasaku and the two had previously worked on films in Japan together.

The plot, simple enough, follows a fish-out-of-water scenario as Chiba goes to Tokyo and infiltrates its club/bar district. He aids the local police in the investigation of a brutal murder of a female prostitute. It all sounds super-serious, right? But the presentation of "Doberman Cop" is quite slapstick in nature, and actor Sonny Chiba obviously looks like he's having a blast with his "country bumpkin" character.

Like many great crime thrillers that have come before and after it, "Doberman Cop" features pulp fiction style scenes and over-the-top acting, and most of it 90-minute running time gets shot documentary-style. And with many of its other Blu-ray releases, Arrow offers up some nifty extras that include:

"Beyond the Film: Doberman Cop" - a 9-minute look back at the film with biographer Sadao Yamane

"Sonny Chiba: A Life in Action" - a second part interview with actor Sonny Chiba (the first part appears on Arrow's "Cops vs. Thugs" Blu-ray)

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