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The Gore Gore Girls

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Aug 14, 2018
The Gore Gore Girls

The horror subgenre known as "splatter films" began with director H.G. Lewis, who helmed the classic "Blood Feast." He became known as the Godfather of Gore, and in 1972 he released his last low-budget film before switching careers out of the movie business. The title of "The Gore Gore Girls" is a comical play on words, as the plot has to do with female go-go dancers that get brutally murdered.

Arrow Video put together a compilation of Lewis' films back in 2016 and "The Gore Gore Girls" was part of that collection. This separate Blu-ray release (for those who don't want the entire Godfather of Gore collection) has basically the same contents, but with a slightly improved picture quality.

There are no complaints on this end as Arrow's Blu-ray edition of "The Gore Gore Girls" is a prime example of just how relaxed movie standards had become in the early 1970s with regards to violence and nudity. This film was deemed a part of the British "video nasty" list and was only released recently in its initial unrated format.

"The Gore Gore Girls" was filmed in such a way that it appears you could be viewing someone's home movie collection. As usual with an H.G. Lewis film, the acting and production values are also horrid. In his introduction to the film, the filmmaker states that it's his movie with the highest amount of money spent.

The extras on Arrow's Blu-ray are plentiful, as usual:

"This Stuff'll Kill Ya!" - an obscure film from H.G. Lewis and both this and "Gore Gore Girls" can be viewed as a double feature

"Herschell Spills His Guts" - H.G. Lewis discusses what he's been up to since he filmed "The Gore Gore Girls"

"Regional Bloodshed" - the independent film genre get discussed here and the influence that Lewis' films had on the genre.

"The Gore Gore Girls"

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