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What Have They Done To Your Daughters?

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Aug 14, 2018
What Have They Done To Your Daughters?

The renewed interest in the Italian "Giallo" horror subgenre continues in the home entertainment field with the release of Arrow Video's new Blu-ray. A director by the name of Massimo Dallamano made an Italian 1974 thriller called "What Have They Done to Your Daughters?"; the lurid title should say it all, as the graphic themes that occur in this harrowing film can be quite shocking.

Regardless, "What Have You Done to Your Daughters?" makes for a compelling viewing experience, even if the preferred version happens to be the Italian one with English subtitles. It doesn't distract from a story about a series of graphic murders that are happening in Brescia, Italy. The opening film sequence that shows the aftermath of a teenage girl (who was raped and murdered) will give you some insight into the harsh themes of the film.

It seems that a serial killer will stop at nothing to break up an underground prostitution ring. Along for the ride are a District Attorney (Giovanna Ralli) and a curious detective (Mario Adorf). Actor Farley Granger, a staple of Alfred Hitchcock earlier films like "Strangers on a Train," has a small part too, but unfortunately, his dialogue has been dubbed with an Italian voiceover.

The large array of special edition contents on Arrows Blu-ray makes the 2K restoration of the film even more enticing:

"Eternal Melody" - an interview with the film's composer, Stelvio Cipriani

"Dallamano's Touch" - Antonio Siciliano is interviewed and he discusses the film's editing process

"Unused Film Footage" - scenes that were deemed too graphic and cut from the final film release can be seen here in this featurette

"What Have They Done to Your Daughters?"

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