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The Twilight Zone - Season One (2019)

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Feb 18, 2020
The Twilight Zone - Season One (2019)

That famous dimension of sight, sound, and mind has been updated for a new generation of viewers. Jordan Peele, writer/director of the modern horror hits "Us" and "Get Out," serves as the narrator of the re-boot of "The Twilight Zone: Season One (2019)." Peele has large shoes to fill while stepping into the role of the late Rod Serling.

The 10-episode Season One is a mixed bag; this third attempt at a "Twilight Zone" revival (fourth if you count the ill-fated movie version from 1983) succeeds in some ways and fails slightly in others.

Peele's social commentary in "Get Out" and "Us" carries over into the new "Twilight Zone." Many of the episodes deal with racism, the state of the United States, and the way people in society relate to one another. But there are still hints of science fiction and inanimate objects influencing people's actions. Just take a look at the highly-recommended segment called "Replay," where a mother rewinds time with an old camcorder. It's reminiscent of the old "Twilight Zone" we know and love.

Then there's the premiere episode, "The Comedian," featuring an idea that's padded into an almost hour-long episode. Viewers know from the original "Twilight Zone" run that Season Four's hour-long episodes were draggy and unexciting.

The 35-minute "Nightmare at 30,000 Feet" has a much-preferred shorter running time and, instead of a remake, has a whole new story about the gremlin on a doomed airplane flight.

Peele also narrates with a wink and a nod to Rod Serling, yet takes it seriously as well.

Paramount's four-disc DVD has special features for each episode, including promos and interview segments with their respective actors. A two-part documentary called "Crossing Over" discusses how the revival came about.

Best of all of the featurettes is "Remembering Rod Serling," a look back at the legacy of the man who started it all and makes viewers realize how underrated he was.

"The Twilight Zone — Season One (2019)"

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