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Review: 'The Twilight Zone - Season Two' Dials Up the Horror, Sci-fi

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Jan 12, 2021
Review: 'The Twilight Zone - Season Two' Dials Up the Horror, Sci-fi

Entering another dimension of sight, sound, and mind has never seemed so... modern.

Rod Serling's famous TV show, which ran for five seasons in the 1950s and 1960s, been updated yet again for a new generation of viewers. "The Twilight Zone: Season Two" reels in the social commentary from its freshman season, and instead piles on the horror and science fiction elements sure to please fans of those genres. Writer/director Jordan Peele narrates once again, and offers his writing skills for a handful of episodes.

Like Season One from last year, this 10-episode Season Two DVD is a mixed bag. For every good segment, like the season opener "Meet in the Middle" for example, there are convoluted stories that go nowhere (see "The Who of You," starring Ethan Embry).

"Downtime," starring underrated actress Morena Bacaarin ("V," "Gotham," "Homeland"), who plays a recently-promoted hotel manager, has the best of all worlds: Good acting, a unique sci-fi story, and a satisfying ending.

Speaking of endings, a lot of the twists the original show was famous for don't seem realistic enough for today's audiences.

There are some clever bits happening in Season Two, though: Some background characters from the prior season's segments appear randomly, as do some of the same actors. And a few of the stories have already been part of prior "Twilight Zone" incarnations. "Meet in the Middle," with its depiction of a man who telepathically speaks to a prospective lover, evokes the same plot points as an episode from the 1980s "Twilight Zone" series.

Peele also narrates each show with a wink and a nod to Rod Serling... he knows he's narrating the reboot of a once famous show, trying to let the audience in on the joke. His use of pregnant pauses can be distracting at times, though.

Paramount's four-disc DVD has special features for each episode, including deleted/extended scenes and audio commentaries with their respective actors and directors. There's also a fun gag reel to view, showing the non-serious side of the show.

"The Twilight Zone - Season Two" is available on DVD Janaury 12.

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