What is an "active homosexual"?

by Phyllis Steinberg
Wednesday Jan 5, 2011

Virginia Del. Bob Marshall told Fox News on Tuesday, Jan. 4, he plans to file a bill "to ban active homosexuals from the Virginia National Guard." Just what is an active homosexual? Is this similar to an active heterosexual? Exactly what does this mean? How does one become an inactive homosexual? Does he have to play dead?

"Active homosexual" is the most ridiculous term I have ever heard. Marshall further opines that "the behavior engaged in by persons who engage in same sex relations... is not compatible with the military." Does Marshall think that when two guys are in a foxhole fighting the enemy they are concerned with each other's sexual practices? This kind of thinking could be a slippery slope. Is there any kind of sexual practice that straight people engage in that would preclude them from defending the country in an effective manner? Furthermore, is there any kind of sexual practice that will make a soldier less patriotic? The use of the term "active homosexual" indicates just how much in the dark Del. Bob Marshall is regarding sexual orientation. Educating people like Marshall is the foundation on which to build an end to homophobia.


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