Watch: Ahead of Broadway Debut, Katharine McPhee Shouts Out Her 'Gay Boys'

Wednesday Apr 11, 2018

Katharine McPhee made her Broadway debut Tuesday night in the musical "Waitress" in New York City. Ahead of her performance, the "Smash" star took to Twitter to shout out (pander to?) her gay fans.

Hours before bowing on Broadway, McPhee took to Twitter to share a video clip of herself applying makeup in her dressing room. In the tweet, she wrote: "The rumors are true - yes, I am going to give the gays everything they want. #KatOnBroadway"

In the clip, the 34-year-old "American Idol" singer says: "Hi my gay boys! I'm here in my dressing room putting makeup on - I'm sure some of you know about that. I'm getting ready for my Broadway debut and I hope you guys will come because I'm going to give you everything you've ever dreamed of."

McPhee is playing the role of Jenna in "Waitress," who was previously played by Sara Bareilles and original star Jessie Mueller. Just Jared points out the singer/actress will be performing in the musical through June 17.

McPhee's message earned a number of responses and reactions - both positive and not so positive. Find them below.

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