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Watch: Justin Bieber Finally Shaves Mustache, 'Baby Face Bieb' Returns

Tuesday Feb 18, 2020

As he's been promoting his new album "Changes," Justin Bieber was sporting a thick mustache — a new look for the pop star who is reinventing his style. But over the weekend, the "Yummy" singer shared a video of himself shaving off the 'stache, returning to his "Baby Face Bieb."

At first, it seemed like his facial hair was here to stay. Posing with @DudeWithSign on Feb. 9, Bieber was featured on the popular Instagram account. The Dude with Sign held up a sign that reads, "Justin Shave your mustache." Bieber is seen holding a responding sign that simply says, "No."

But over the weekend, Bieber finally gave in and shared a clip to his Instagram Stories showing him shaving off his mustache.

Bieber has since taken to Instagram to show off his clean-shaven face, adding the caption "Baby face Bieb."

"I shaved. MUSTASHIO went on holiday, but he will be back in due time," the singer added.

Bieber's new album "Changes" was released Friday.

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