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Daddy's Boy

by Dale Reynolds
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Oct 18, 2016
Daddy's Boy

Okay, exactly what writer/director Daniel Armando had in mind with this black and white, surreal exploration of male sexuality, "Daddy's Boy," is not clear. But, shot with intensity in NYC, with a cast of Latino-Americans and one Canadian, all dark-toned, his film is really quite impressive.

If there's any one character that stands out, possibly as Armando's stand-in, it's Max, played with full emotional vigor by Al Miro, an actor somewhere in his mid-to-late 30s. The other three main characters are performance artist James Koroni as Jorge -- brother, we find out later, to Manuel (Jonathan Iglesias), who may be the "boy" to his father, played with equal sincerity by Tico Flores, and Joe Lopez as Fabian, another lost soul.

But all the men -- none of them wedded to any specific sexual orientation -- such as the "cowboy from Arizona," "the dancer," "the actor" and "the hustler" are all singularly solo, bouncing off each other and the city itself.

But I think his film works because of how it held my attention, including the various sexualized images which may or may not be "real."

Armando's film is very "artsy," with its glittering images of Manhattan at night, Central Park's pond, the Westside Highway, the men who pay other men for their sexual imagery, ignoring who they are for real. What does Armando think of all this? The movie is essentially plotless, and the director has dozens of images to pick and choose to make his point. I was left literally in the dark.

But I think his film works because of how it held my attention, including the various sexualized images which may or may not be "real." Armando's crew has helped create the mood and the feel of his film, especially the B&W cinematography and the subsequent film editing by Ryan Andrew Balas and the sound department work of Sean Balas.

Now, just how clear Armando wants his film to be, one supposes, is left up to the individual, and if you don't need a written out script, with characters explaining themselves to each other, and to us, then this film will intrigue. And it is all quite sexual, if not explicitly so.

Daddy's Boy

Four young men leave boyhood behind and shed more than just their clothes and inhibitions in Writer/Director Daniel Armando's new film.Shy Manuel and gay, adult video star Max travel to New York City for a video shoot.Manuel's older brother, Jorge, dances away the emotional toll of an abusive relationship while Fabian, a young Puerto Rican hiding his homosexuality, navigates the world of a first-time father.When the worlds of these four men collide, they explore the depths of their sexuality and find their lives changed forever.


Runtime :: 75 mins
Release Date :: Jan 01, 2016
Country :: USA


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