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Mother's Day

by Michael  Cox
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Aug 4, 2016
Mother's Day

A tender holiday that celebrates one of our dearest relationships, a cast full of popular and talented actors, and a script written by a committee to include a variety of mothers in feel-good situations: It's all wrapped up in a neat little gift package. So it probably doesn't come as a shock that there are no surprises and few funny moments. It's the thought that counts, but "Mother's Day" can be thrown into the back of the closet.

In the week leading up to Mother's Day a charming but dysfunctional cluster of different families from Atlanta discover what parenthood and family truly mean to them. Jennifer Aniston ("Friends"), Kate Hudson ("Almost Famous") and Julia Roberts ("Pretty Woman") each play slightly unconventional mothers, while Jason Sudeikis ("Saturday Night Live") and Timothy Olyphant ("Justified") play the charming and attractive fathers who appreciate them.

Sandy (Aniston) thinks that her ex-husband (Olyphant) might want to remarry her. It turns out he's eloped with a much younger woman whom he wants his two sons to think of as Mommy 2. As she manages her jealousy, Sandy also comes to terms with her attraction to Bradley (the extremely talented, show-stealing Sudeikis), a man who has lost his wife in the line of duty.

Meanwhile, Jesse (Hudson) and her sister (Sarah Chalke) hide their respective spouses (an interracial relationship and a lesbian relationship) and children from their bigoted Texan parents. And the home shopping superstar Miranda Collins (Roberts) contemplates her decision to pursue a career rather than raise a child.

Director Gary Marshall's motto has always been to embrace the schmaltz: The critics will disdain it, but the people will love it. Has society become so skeptical that a sentimental movie will never typify a holiday the way that "It's a Wonderful Life" did for so long? One thing is for certain: "Mother's Day" is not likely to be celebrated in years to come.

This Blu-ray disc features six scenes that never made it into the movie and a whopping 10 minute-long gag reel (narrated by the director no less) among its special features.

"Mother's Day"
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