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by Greg Vellante
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Wednesday Aug 10, 2016

Released in a year of weak comedic sequels (cough, cough..."Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising" and "Zoolander 2") and even weaker original offerings (cough, cough..."Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates," "The Boss," "Dirty Grandpa"), "Keanu" can already be considered one of 2016's top comedies just for not being terrible. However, it's also pretty damn funny. Coming to us from sketch duo Key & Peele, whose riotous Comedy Central program ended this past year, "Keanu" follows these two actors as they play friends who dive into the criminal underworld in search of their kidnapped kitten, Keanu.

The film cycles through repetitive and reliable gags-cute kitten close-ups, code-switching, the music of George Michael-and while it sometimes grows tiresome, the movie keeps a fairly consistent comedic pace throughout. It's the perfect fit for a Friday night laugh session with friends. However, an unfortunate lack of bonus features on the home release may not grant this worthy comedy equally deserving of a non-theatrical purchase.

The Blu-ray includes the obligatory features one would expect from a mainstream comedy-deleted scenes, a gag reel-but these add-ons don't really pack the same hilarious punch the movie possesses. The gag reel certainly makes one realize how absolutely delightful a blooper involving a kitten can be, yet it hardly features enough of it to make a mere five-minute featurette feel far longer and boring. Most bloopers showcase how fun the cast had on set, and this one definitely does, but I want to laugh as well. In that desire, I was left mostly silent, and the same goes for the fifteen minutes or so of ho-hum deleted scenes.

In addition to the aforementioned, there is an oddball featurette entitled "Keanu: My First Movie." One would think (as I certainly did) this would be a short doc on the writing and production process, especially considering this was Key & Peele's, as well as director Peter Atencio's, first venture into feature filmmaking.

But no, the bizarre feature is a mere three minutes of actors addressing the title kitten directly in rather unfunny monologues.

It's a funny movie, for sure, but if you purchase the home release craving more cat comedy, prepare to be disappointed. You'd be better off just going to YouTube.

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