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Breaking Point: The War For Democracy In The Ukraine

by Noe Kamelamela
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Mar 2, 2018
'Breaking Point: The War For Democracy In The Ukraine'
'Breaking Point: The War For Democracy In The Ukraine'  

In light of accusations related to the most recent American presidential election and Russia, I watched "Breaking Point: The War For Democracy In Ukraine" with a heavy heart. Using footage and interviews to reconstruct recent events, the Ukrainian desire for independence from Russia was explained by talking heads and also ordinary Ukrainians directly affected by pro-Russian violence. Interviews of Russian soldiers and politicians as well as occasional cuts of slick pro-Russian propaganda illustrated how Russians could appear to be ignoring Ukraine while signing off on the murder and displacement of Ukrainians. I would recommend this only to more mature viewers. Some of the footage depicted not only violence but the aftermath of gunfire and physical assault as well as the bodies of the dead.

As an American, I believe we can't claim a moral high ground. Our government, and thus our citizens, are also guilty of these kinds of crimes around the world. We similarly ignore treaties we have signed, spread disinformation and kill innocent people for our own advantages. Our support of Ukrainian independence is also based on the same amoral calculus the Kremlin uses: Ukrainian sovereignty benefits us, Ukrainian annexation would benefit Russia. We are not simply benevolent actors. One director is American and the other is Ukrainian; it is no coincidence that there is quite a bias against pro-Russian activities in Ukraine.

This documentary boosts the voices of those who are pro-Ukrainian sovereignty. The production focuses not just on the soldiers or politicians, but also folks on the frontlines, reporters and doctors, children, and ordinary teens. Ukraine appears far more diverse and united than I had expected it to be. Amazingly, the directors clearly do not assume Ukraine may remain free forever. The directors do not intend to fill the entire film with despair and a grim mentality, but the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict and the more recent Russian military interventions of the past five or so years are presented as a huge part of the current Ukrainian national identity. For the Russian side, the ongoing incursion has not been bloodless regarding money or lives at all, even though the brunt of the consequences may still fall to the smaller nation.

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