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by Bill Biss
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Oct 3, 2016

"Take it slow, take it slow..." as the opening track, titled the same as her album, says of "Virginia."

There is the sensory simplicity of storytelling found within the voice of Tanya Gallagher. Hers is not a world of constants and constant interruption from the technology of life, but a world of rich thoughts which come forth with her guitar. That is all that is needed. Gallagher has the ability to unwind the hectic pace of time. Sit back, reflect, feel and listen. The seven tracks of her path in life and love create a roadmap that travels from Tanya's life in Florida to her current life in Vancouver, B.C., and these songs present the joy, heartbreak and memories found within the heart of her life in the state of Virginia.

"A Farewell to Arms" expresses those raw feelings as she leaves her lover behind to contemplate the future. It's both a strong sense of loneliness and rejuvenation of life which is found in the lyrics. Her imagery for this song is vivid in capturing the many complicated thoughts of being in love.

There is truly a rustic and relaxed feeling of sitting on the back porch at night, with just the fireflies and Tanya Gallagher to light the way, on "The Ship." Just one of the introspective lyrics is, "He had no intention of doing me right. He selfishly strung me along." This entire song is mournful, bitter and, at the same time, ultimately wise. The song truly looks at the rough waters and stormy attitudes of being tossed overboard from the ship of love. The conflicted confusion of inner thoughts and the inability to make up the mind in regards to men and romance is also found within another song, "Monterey."

She is extremely intuitive at capturing a vibe of intellect, realism and wonder. Her songs are an old-fashioned creation that consistently strike a new chord of beauty with the simple elegance of folk music and country.

"Virginia" is spun into a remarkable tapestry of the human heart when, sometimes, all that is necessary -- as she wrote and sings -- is "A warm night and a lonesome moon."

Tanya Gallagher

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