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Something Good

by Bill Biss
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Jun 20, 2017
Something Good

There are classic elements of Christopher Cross, Stephen Bishop and Kenny Rankin to be found in the vocal styling's and intuitive voice of Matteo Scher. On his debut EP, "Something Good" the 20-year-old brings back a style that harkens back to a time when the song, the singer, and words with true meaning to think about were all that mattered. And, if those musical artists mentioned don't ring a bell... Those are singers who are memorable to many.

Scher's talent as a songwriter, singer, and piano player is a refreshing and relaxing experience. His meaning and melodies are out in full force while he also plays a beautiful piano. "Something Good" presents four songs and after a good listen, there is definitely the feeling of wanting more. That is truly a "good" thing. His opening track "New York and Me" is succinctly his own but the song harkens back to "Arthur's Theme (The Best That You Can Do"). His voice strikes the heart and honors the legacy of that city that never sleeps. His lyrics are true-blue and his skill as a songwriter is clearly evident.

Taking it down a notch, Matteo presents the title track of the set called "Something Good." The piano cascades in gently while his lyrics capture his emotional vibrancy so simply. It sure is nice to hear a serenade that is vulnerable in such a natural way. Scher also arranged all of his work and it works. He swings into a romantic glow with a smile in the song "Forget." Just one line from the song, "So, I'll pretend that I'm strong and forget that I'm missing you" is unforgettable. His lyrics and voice collide in lovely sentiment. Matteo Scher closes the song-set with "Painkiller." The power of love, a sweet guitar provided by Tim Basom and the harmonies strike a strong chord of realism to hit the street and walk proud.

There is a strength in being yourself...There is a strength in doing it on your own and there is a strength and passion for realizing that a person can do what they love and that sometimes, the fast-lane of life and of music, isn't made for everyone. Matteo Scher proves that in just one EP called "Something Good."

"Something Good"
Matteo Scher
Matteo Scher
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