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by Noe Kamelamela
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Oct 6, 2016

Although Dekkoo.com launched online last year with movies and shows centered around gay men, this fall Dekkoo's shows and movies will also be available on smart televisions in addition to online streaming. One of its new offerings is their first original series called "Feral" helmed by Morgan Jon Fox set in the American South. With an eye for quiet moments that could fill a bildungsroman to bursting and a distinctive soundtrack, the camera follows two young gay men and their two close friends as they test the waters of adulthood over eight episodes. Natural light, local actors, little makeup, spare costuming and colloquial dialogue enhance the authenticity of the show shot in Memphis, Tennessee back in 2014.

Seth Daniel and Jordan Nichols portray Daniel and Billy respectively, two young gay men who attempt to navigate their twenties with as much grace as possible. Leah Beth Bolton as Emily, a close friend, and Chase Brother as Carter, round out the main foursome. The rapport between the four actors is one of the main delights of the show, particularly during the last half of the episodes. Moments of humor arise as the foursome scrape by working the jobs available to them as well as figuring out how to pay rent and still have the time, money and energy to enjoy themselves. It is worth mentioning that even though they are all attractive and intelligent, they still have to deal with significant problems. Beauty and youth do not grant them free passes on everything.

Memphis, despite being one of the most racially diverse and socially liberal places in the South, is still located below the Mason-Dixon line. There are various issues specific to the conservative South that the show handles well without condemning any specific group. "Feral" provides a streak-free mirror rather than advocating for a vision of the future. In particular, I commend the show for presenting a nuanced view of drug addiction and not just focusing on it for one episode, but allowing related pieces to appear and recede over all of the episodes interwoven with other stories. Drug addiction is not unique to just the gay community, but the personal impact of addiction within the community is unique. If a second season is greenlit, I hope it will be as vulnerable and brave as this first season.

Written & Directed by Morgan Jon Fox
A Dekkoo Original series
Eight episodes of 20 min

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