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No More Delays: What to Know About the July 15 Tax Deadline

No More Delays: What to Know About the July 15 Tax Deadline

By Sarah Skidmore Sell | Jul 6
As the coronavirus pandemic took hold this spring, the federal government postponed the traditional April 15 filing deadline until July 15.

3 Reasons to Pay for Spring Break with a Travel Credit Card

By Sam Kemmis, NerdWallet | Mar 6
A recent NerdWallet survey found that 33% of Americans plan to travel for spring break vacation this year. If you're in this camp, now's the time to make travel plans (if you haven't already).

Best Frequent Flyer Travel Programs for 2020

Feb 29
WalletHub released its report on 2020's Best Frequent Flyer Program, which ranks the 10 largest domestic airlines based on 23 key metrics, ranging from the value of a point/mile to blackout dates for rewards flights.

Liz Weston: Beware of These Overhyped Financial Strategies

By Liz Weston | Feb 24
Before you buy any of the following, you'd be smart to investigate lower-cost alternatives and to consult an objective, knowledgeable third party, such as a fee-only financial planner.

Tips for Using Flexible Spending Dollars Before Year's End

By Linda B. Johnson | Dec 14
Still have money set aside for medical expenses that you need to spend by the end of the year? There are plenty of ways to meet the deadline for flexible spending accounts.

4 Ways Procrastinators Can Win at Gift-Giving

Dec 11
It's down to the wire, but there are still methods to save money on your last-minute holiday purchases. Here are four simple ways to do it.

What's the Value of Your Dog's Life, and Why It Matters

Dec 2
Americans love their pets, spending more than US$70 billion last year on their beloved companions. This far exceeds the $7 billion spent on legal marijuana, and $32 billion on pizza.

The Secret Cost of the Holidays

Nov 30
A survey of 2,000 Americans who celebrate a winter holiday found that 28 percent have gone into debt during the holiday season.

A Quarter of Americans Have Gone Into Debt Because of the Holiday Season

Nov 13
Between purchasing the perfect gift, buying food to feed the whole family and traveling to see loved ones, over a quarter of Americans have gone into debt due to holiday spending, according to new research.

What Would You Give Up to Save Cash on Holiday Shopping?

Nov 1
Sitting in traffic, standing in line at the DMV and giving up chocolate for a year are just some of the things Americans would be willing to do to save a significant chunk of cash on their holiday shopping, according to new research.

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