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Boxer Who Lied About Being Tricked into Gay Porn Opens Up, Says He's Gay

Thursday Nov 5, 2015

The former professional boxer who admitted to lying about being tricked and drugged into doing gay porn, and also came out as bisexual, told Philadelphia's Fox 29 that he's actually gay.

Gawker reports, the interview was apparently filmed Monday - the same day Yusaf Mack, 35, released a statement confessing that he lied about being drugged in a porn film he did for the company DawgPoundUSA. In the same statement, Mack also said he is bisexual.

"I'm gay, I'm tired of holding it in, it is what it is, I live my life, I'm gay," Mack, a father of 10, who added that he's known about his sexuality for "about eight years"

Fox 29 reporter Quincy Harris asked the athlete to detail the filming of the XXX clip.

"I went there...I just didn't know when it was going to come out," he said.

Mack went on to say he was surprised when people discovered the scene.

"I didn't think nobody from Philadelphia would see it," he said.

One part of his original story remains true: Mack told Harris that he filmed the porn because he was "down and out, I asked friends, they wouldn't help me, so I did what I had to do." He said the video "hurt" him and made him suicidal. The ex-boxer also said his oldest daughter, who is 23, told him to kill himself because he embarrassed his family.

"I was hurt. Like to myself. Then I think about my children, like how am I gonna explain this to my children," Mack said, "I called a couple of my friends and told them 'I'm thinking about killing myself.'"

But Mack said he's no longer suicidal, saying he is free and happy.

He also said he's no longer engaged to his fiance of five years, however. Nevertheless, they remain friends and Mack said his other children are supporting him.

"She was good to me, I was good to her, but it was a lie," Mack told Harris.

"The truth is out, and I'm sorry," Mack said. "You gon' like me or love me regardless. I'm still me. So when you see me on the streets, I'm still Yusaf Mack."