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Teacher Responds to Students Learning He was a Gay Adult Actor: 'It Wasn't Exactly a Secret'

Monday Oct 30, 2017
Ruggero Freddi
Ruggero Freddi  (Source:Facebook)

Engineering students at La Sapienza University of Rome recently discovered one of their teachers has a gay porn past but the teacher in question isn't sweating it.

After showing off his muscles in a series of photos and videos on Facebook, some students recognized Ruggero Freddi from his previous gig as a gay porn star. Freddi, 41, was a performer under the name Carlo Masi.

A student contacted the Italian newspaper Republica, tipping the publication off to Freddi's past.

"I found out this morning," one student told Repubblica (via, which posted a video that features interviews with the teacher and his students. "He was not only a porn star, he also has two degrees."

But Freddi took it in stride and seemingly unfazed by the revelation.

"Some students reposted the photo in a few sites and from there my former life as a porn actor emerged," he told Repubblica. "To be honest, it wasn't exactly a secret."

He also explained he initially wanted a career in engineering but held off due to limited opportunities and poor pay.

"Then I was offered to do a film in the USA. I thought, 'Why not?' A job that helps me earn more and is a more entertaining career," he said. writes he was "visibly unaffected by the news of his previous career going viral."

According to another Italian newspaper, Il Messaggero (via, Freddi worked in gay porn until 2013, when he quit to do his doctoral thesis.

Speaking with Gay Star News, Freddi said he "knew sooner or later" he would have to address his gay porn past.

"I didn't expect something so big to happen," he said. "I thought someone would publish something and my students would talk about it for a while, but I wasn't expecting the entire country to actually speak about it."

He also said administrators at his college have not reached out to him about the viral story.

"The only email I received was from my tutor and she asked me how the week as a teacher had been and if I needed anything, and if we can meet to talk about my future teaching and job - so nothing weird or bizarre," Freddi told GSN.

He also said is "proud of both my careers" but that his days in porn are over.

"I was happy I was a good looking guy and the world recognized this," he said. "I am very happy the world recognizes I'm a smart guy."

Freddi is engaged to his partner of 11 years, Gustavo Alejandro Leguizamon, according to GSN.

Watch Repubblica's video of the teacher below.