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Watch: Gay Trump Supporter Talks About Wearing MAGA Hat in Gayborhood

Wednesday Oct 23, 2019
Max Guglielmelli speaks with KRON4.
Max Guglielmelli speaks with KRON4.  (Source:Screenshot via KRON4)

A gay man who is proud to support President Donald Trump spoke with San Francisco's KRON4 news station about wearing his red "Make America Great Again" hat in the Castro, the city's gay neighborhood.

Max Guglielmelli, an Army veteran, says he and his boyfriend, who also supports Trump and wears a U.S. Border Patrol hat, it "takes a lot of guts" to wear the political clothes in the Castro.

"I get a lot of dirty looks. When I'm getting coffee or whatever, people behind the counter make no eye contact," he told KRON4. "They don't want to see my face.

"I've had people ask me, 'Do you feel safe?' Isn't that telling... which side is violent? Because I'm just going out there to walk," he went on to say, also adding that "nothing physical" has happened to him.

Guglielmelli also explained he became a conservative and full-fledged Trump backer during the 2016 presidential election after seeing all the "hate" coming from Democrats. He said after being liberal for years, where he did "some gender-bending," things changed for him a few years ago.

"They are the ones that are the most vicious. I looked inside and I was like, 'Oh, when I was supposed to be tolerant, I was the most intolerant,'" he told KRON4. "I started to question everything. The more educated I became, the more conservative I became."

Guglielmelli, who served in the military during the Don't Ask Don't Tell period, also said now that gay marriage is legal in the U.S., he doesn't believe "any candidate going forward will take that away."

"This is what America is now... If they want to take it to court, honestly I think we'll win," he said.

Guglielmelli said he also believes that Trump will have a positive impact for LGBTQ people, despite the White House's terrible track record, saying he "loves all Americans."

"You have to get out of this intersectional idea. This president likes you. He's not going to take rights away from you," he said. "He wants you to be a free American. He's OK with gay marriage. He's OK with gay people. If you're an American, whatever race, sexual orientation, gender expression, whatever you want, he wants you to be a free American and have less taxes."

Watch Guglielmelli speak to KRON4 in the video below.


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