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Beach Replenishment Could "Drag On" for Decades

By Timothy Bolger | Saturday Sep 24, 2011
Uncertainty ruled the day as the Fire Island Association embarked on a recent change in administration. Big questions lingered about the status of competing short-term and long-term beach replenishment projects.

Ocean Beach Officials Plan for $3 Million Infrastructure Upgrade

By Timothy Bolger | Friday Sep 23, 2011
As seems to be tradition in Ocean Beach, the last village board meeting of the summer was among the most raucous this season, just as the administration laid out plans for a $3 million sidewalk and water system overhaul.

Just Ducky

By Bradlee White | Friday Sep 23, 2011
Wow, what a week! What a rush of...everything! Like everyone, I think, I started the week in denial.

Officials Seek to Restore Bay with Shellfish Beds

By Timothy Bolger | Thursday Sep 22, 2011
It seems as though everyone has tried to save the Great South Bay from more than three decades of declining health, with varying results.

A Summer Crowded With Incident

By Bruce-Michael Gelbert | Thursday Sep 22, 2011
In Act Four of Oscar Wilde’s "The Importance of Being Earnest," Lady Augusta Bracknell comments on "a life crowded with incident" and this summer has turned out to be nothing if not "crowded with incident," both personal and general.

Gillibrand, Fields and Carpenter Hit the Stump

By Michael Lavers and Tim Bolger | Wednesday Sep 21, 2011
Partisanship remains alive and well on Fire Island going into the fall.

Grateful Grovette

By Susan Freedner | Wednesday Sep 21, 2011
In the one month since the previous column a broken arm, events, shows, rehearsals, awards had me thinking there was too much to write about for this last column of the season.

Final Season Fire Island Pines Community Column

By Jon Wilner | Tuesday Sep 20, 2011
The show must go on, and it will! Director Glen Wielgus and the cast of GUYS AND DOLLS have been rehearsing in New York City after the Pines was evacuated due to Hurricane Irene, as well as their rehearsal space in Lower Manhattan that was also evacuated.

Ocean Bay News

By Debbie Weiler and Fran Haselkorn | Monday Sep 19, 2011
We are writing our last issue of the season and hope to report all’s well-and do not know if we will need to evacuate before submitting, so... the beautiful new snow fence was just installed up and down the beach after all.

A Lucky Break

By Sandy Drawers | Sunday Sep 18, 2011
What a strange month this has been. The chaos weather theory of climate change seems to be true. From the earthquake to hurricane, I’ve been having a lot of sleepless nights.

Cherry Grove Man Arrested for Allegedly Sexually Assaulting Woman

By Michael Lavers | Friday Sep 16, 2011
A Cherry Grove man was arrested late on Saturday, Sept. 10, in connection with the rape of a woman on the beach in Cherry Grove over Labor Day weekend.

Saltairians Debate Infrastructure Improvements

By Timothy Bolger | Thursday Sep 15, 2011
With the dawn of August in the rearview and the summer’s sunset on the horizon, Saltaire kicked into high gear a number of projects and issues that have so far languished in the sun.

Saltairians Commemorate Unofficial Centennial

By Timothy Bolger | Wednesday Sep 14, 2011
Saltaire villagers packed the library early last month to partake in a rare feat: they gathered to share memories.

Best Of The Beach - 2011

By Fire Island News | Tuesday Sep 13, 2011
Here is our thoroughly unscientific list of people, places and things that made the summer of 2011 so sweet.

Fire Island Kite and SUP Offers Adventure on the Beach

By Fire Island News | Friday Sep 2, 2011
The spectacle of a reporter repeatedly falling off his paddleboard into the bay is almost certainly worthy of several column inches in one of this esteemed publication’s gossip pages.

On Patrol: Rangers Maintain Law and Order on the Beach

By Fire Island News | Tuesday Aug 30, 2011
Shortly after 9 a.m. on a recent Friday morning, John Stewart, the supervisory ranger in charge of the western half of the Fire Island National Seashore, hopped into his white and green Ford Expedition and started his usual beach patrol.

Saltaire’s Prickly Projects

By Fire Island News | Monday Aug 29, 2011
A debate over lax local law enforcement broke out at Saltaire’s July 2 board meeting when the topic turned to the village’s public enemy number one: bicyclists riding at night without lights.

Ocean Beach Residents: Tame the Circus

By Fire Island News | Sunday Aug 28, 2011
Fighting fires and controlling rowdy drunks fueled a heated back-and-forth between angry residents and the Ocean Beach village board at their July 9 meeting.

Ocean Beach Welcomes Wounded Warriors

By Fire Island News | Saturday Aug 27, 2011
Mary Tallouzi evoked gasps from the crowd gathered at the docks in Ocean Beach as she recalled how her 24-year-old son, Daniel, a sergeant in the U.S. Army, died shortly after returning home to New Mexico.

Fire Island: The Nation’s Newest Wedding Destination

By Nicole Wolf | Friday Aug 26, 2011
With marriage equality now the law of the land in our fair (and fare) state, Fire Island continues to ready itself as "the destination" place for special weddings.

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