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Got Marriage?

By Jessica Tripp | Monday Feb 28, 2011
Sam Leif and her fiancĂ©e Vienna Nellis have been engaged for three years now. They’ve written a prenup, discussed money, talked about the guest list and the location of their wedding. Leif has even picked a date.

Greg & Fletcher’s Gay Adoption

By Richard Davis | Monday Feb 21, 2011
The ups and downs of gay adoption according to Greg and Fletcher

Josh’s World :: Behind The Scenes With Vegas’ Hottest Showboy

By J.Son | Wednesday Feb 16, 2011
Qvegas chats with Peepshow star "Josh"

QYouth: For The Love of Fashion

By Qvegas | Wednesday Feb 16, 2011
Everyone has a dream as a kid, weather it’s to become a firemen or the President. For teen fashion designer Jimi Urquiaga, his dream is becoming a reality.


By John Dolpies | Monday Feb 14, 2011
As we transition into a new decade, we are online more than we have ever been; it seems that most of human interaction is rolling over into a state of cyber-communication.

A Cosmopolitan Affair

By J.Son | Monday Feb 7, 2011
The newest resort to open on the World famous Las Vegas Strip redefines sexy. From the sexy facade to the hotel rooms with breathtaking views to the phenomenal restaurants The Cosmopolitan is the locals (and visitors) reason to go to the Strip.

At Your Service

By William Bessette | Sunday Jan 9, 2011
A lot has happened since 1984. Through it all, a vision created by David Parks and a handful of others has stood as one of the few vital resources available to this community

Call To Quit

By Richard Davis | Saturday Jan 8, 2011
"The single most important thing that LGBT people who smoke can do to improve their health is to quit smoking," says Dr. Elizabeth Fildes, founder of the Nevada Tobacco Users Helpline.

Franky Vegas -- Frank Marino faves

By Frank Marino | Friday Jan 7, 2011
"Divas Las Vegas" creator and star Frank Marino gives his top Las Vegas favorites!

Seeking a "Happy Parents Day"

By Richard Davis | Thursday Jan 6, 2011
The story of the Sprague family

There IS real lesbian life in Sin City!

By Lisa Pittman | Wednesday Jan 5, 2011
Open up any bar guide or gay magazine and follow therainbow trail, and what do you find? Guys...lots of ’em, everywhere. Lets face it girls, we’re just not as "active" as the boys. I often hear the shrill of lesbian complaints that "there’s nothing to do.

Stress-Free Holiday Party Guide

By John Beacham | Saturday Dec 11, 2010
The holiday season is here, and you are thinking you want to open your doors for a holiday party. What to do?

QYouth: We need to ring in the new year, too!

By Nathaniel Phillips | Thursday Dec 9, 2010
Oh, Las Vegas. How often you forget that we exist here.

’Twas the night before New Year

By QVegas | Tuesday Dec 7, 2010
Las Vegas is one of the premium places to celebrate New Year’s Eve, for both tourists and locals alike.

One smokin’ hot DJ: Oren Nizri

By J.Son | Saturday Nov 6, 2010
International DJ Oren Nizri is one of those beat masters who knows how to feel out a crowd and make the club a happening place.

Don’t Be Afraid To Retire

By QVegas | Friday Nov 5, 2010
Getting older is scary. Everyone fears old age, whether it’s simply the extra wrinkles or the worries of financial security. Aging is the enemy in a society obsessed with staying young.

LGBT suicides a tragic realization

By John Dolpies | Thursday Nov 4, 2010
We can all agree that suicide is a heart-wrenching subject. The emotions that coincide with such a tragic act are nothing short of intense.

Las Vegas Contemporary Dance Theater continues the American legacy of excellence in dance

By Richard Davis | Wednesday Nov 3, 2010
The internationally acclaimed Las Vegas Contemporary Dance Theater (LVCDT) performed to sold-out houses on its recent tour in Mexico, where people slept in the street overnight to get tickets.

Miss Richfield 1981: Draggin’ Into Vegas

By Jill Roth | Saturday Oct 30, 2010
Miss Richfield 1981 is a suburban beauty queen created from the mind of Russ King, who has delighted audiences from all across the country. And she comes to Vegas on November 5 for a benefit.

Nevada Ballet Theatre is Now

By Qvegas | Monday Oct 11, 2010
"We are a product of now." As arts organizations in Southern Nevada face bleak economic times, James Canfield, the artistic director of the Nevada Ballet Theatre (NBT), is pragmatic but optimistic.

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