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In COVID Era, Croatia Becomes Enticing European Vacation Option for US Travelers

By David Perry | Aug 26
History collides with nightlife in Croatia, as Split and Hvar continue to draw international travelers to their picturesque shores.

European LGBT Movements Mobilizing and Rising

By Lynare Robbins | Nov 25
Over four hundred European delegates assembled to share unique stories detailing both successes and challenges in European LGBT matters, and to strategize for progress.

Spooked Businesses Shift Headquarters Out of Catalonia

By Ciaran Giles and Artitz Parra | Oct 6
The prospect of a Caralonian exit has sent shivers among business heavyweights, including lender Banco Sabadell and energy giant Gas Natural, who were among the firms to greenlight relocations of their registered address.

EU Presses Britain to Get Its Act Together for Brexit Talks

By Raf Casert | Jun 11
For years it seemed Britain could not get out of the European Union fast enough. Now that it decided to jump ship, it seems it can't get its act together to actually leave.

EU Tightens Rules on Sourcing Conflict Minerals

Apr 5
The European Union is introducing new rules to help prevent minerals being used to finance armed conflicts.

ECB Official: Stimulus Lowers Incentive to Cut Deficits

By David McHugh | Mar 2
A top European Central Bank official is warning that the bank's stimulus measures are easing pressure on indebted governments to straighten out their finances.

Eurozone Shows Resilience in Face of Brexit Vote - Unlike UK

By Pan Pylas | Aug 4
The 19-country eurozone economy appears to have brushed aside any of the negative fallout from so-called Brexit - at least so far.

EU States Make It Easier to Limit Visa-Free Travel

By Lorne Cook | May 20
European Union nations agreed Friday to make it easier to suspend its visa waiver program with some countries, just as Turkey is trying to secure visa-free travel for its citizens.

Two Wheelin' Through Europe

By Erik Schelzig | May 6
Looking for an interesting way to explore Europe? Consider renting a motorcycle.

Moldova Overturns ’Gay Propaganda’ Law, Hopes to Join EU

By Jason St. Amand | Oct 15
The Moldovan government has overturned the country’s "homosexual propaganda" ban on Friday in order to gain membership to the European Union.

1 thru 10 of 76 Stories