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Lawyer/Soldier/Model Sues Apple for Allowing Porn to Destroy his Marriage

By Bobby McGuire | Jul 14
Not since Eve in the book of Genesis has an apple caused so much misery. That is, until June 19, 2013 when a Tennessee attorney filed a complaint suing Apple for an undisclosed sum, for ease that its products allowed pornography to destroy his marriage.

’Foreign White Substance’ on Steam Room Floor Spurs Lawsuit Against Manhattan Gym

By Bobby McGuire | Jun 19
A 66 year old Manhattan man is suing Bally’s Total Fitness for injuries he incurred from a fall in the steam room of their upper East Side gym as a result of a slippery "foreign white substance" left on the floor.

Calif. Man Sues: ’BMW Bike Gave Me 20-Month Erection’

By Jason St. Amand | May 4
In an odd lawsuit a California man is suing BMW for getting an erection that lasted 20 months.

1 thru 3 of 3 Stories