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Election Street Party In SF :: November 7, 2020

Election Street Party In SF :: November 7, 2020

Nov 8
When the winner of the US Presidential election of 2020 was announced, people took to the streets in celebration for president elect Joe Biden and California native vice president elect Kamala Harris' road to the White House.

France vs. Fake News Offers Test Case for Democratic Dilemma

By Angela Charlton and Oleg Cetinic | Jan 16
Can a democratic country outlaw fake news? France is about to find out, after President Emmanuel Macron ordered a law to quash false information disseminated around electoral campaigns.

Local Voting Districts Seen As Crucial to Election Security

By Christina A. Cassidy | Nov 8
Amid evidence that Russian hackers may have tried to meddle with last year's presidential election, concerns mount around the huge security challenge posed by the nation's 10,000 voting jurisdictions.

Researcher Finds Georgia Voter Records Exposed on Internet

By Frak Bajak | Jun 16
A security researcher disclosed a gaping security hole at the outfit that manages Georgia's election technology, days before the state holds a closely watched congressional runoff vote on June 20.

U.S. Watched Russia Hack French Systems During Election

By Deb Reichmann | May 11
The United States watched Russians hack France's computer networks during the election and tipped off French officials before it became public, a U.S. cyber official told the Senate on Tuesday.

Democrats Planning Multi-Year Strategy to Recapture Seats

By Ken Thomas and Lisa Lerer | Nov 18
Democrats need to map out a multi-year election strategy to maintain the White House, recapture seats in Congress and in state legislatures and rebuild their bench of candidates.

Secretive Groups Poured $25 M Into State Elections

By Philip Elliott | Dec 17
The Center for Public Integrity analysis also showed that the secretive outside groups were quite successful, exceeding the victory rates of groups that disclose their donors.

Paul Ryan Keeping 2016 Options Open

Feb 19
Rep. Paul Ryan, the most recent Republican nominee for vice president, said Tuesday he’s keeping his options open about a prospective run for president but won’t look at the 2016 contest in earnest until after Congress breaks for the year.

Elections A Mixed Bag for LGBT Virginians

By John Riley | Nov 7
LGBT Virginians can breathe a little easier following Tuesday’s statewide and local elections, but the community still faces daunting challenges in Richmond.

De Blasio is Elected Mayor of New York

By Jonathan Lemire | Nov 5
Bill de Blasio was elected New York City’s first Democratic mayor in two decades Tuesday, running on an unabashedly liberal, tax-the-rich platform that contrasted sharply with billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s record during 12 years in office.

1 thru 10 of 103 Stories