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Southern Decadence Parade :: September 4, 2016

Southern Decadence Parade :: September 4, 2016

Sep 6
The Grand Marshall Parade was the high point of Southern Decadence 2016, New Orleans's annual celebration of the LGBT community.

$outhern Decadence: Not Just a Party, But a ’Green’ Movement

Sep 2
The symbol of gay pride is a rainbow but if the Southern Decadence festival that draws to a close on this Labor Day proves anything it is that the ubiquitous "pride flag" could easily be the color of money.

New Orleans Promoted as a Gay Honeymoon Haven

By Kevin McGill and Stacey Plaisance | Aug 30
Thousands of visitors roll into New Orleans this week for Southern Decadence: five days of celebration of gay culture in a city now being promoted by tourism officials as a honeymoon site for same-sex newlyweds.

New Orleans Strikes Ban on After-Dark Preaching on Bourbon Street From Solicitation Ordinance

Jul 26
The New Orleans City Council on Thursday ended its ban on preaching after dark on Bourbon Street, but an attorney says that won’t end a lawsuit brought by a street preacher who was arrested for doing so.

Bourbon Street ’No Preaching’ Law Challenged

By Michael Kunzelman | Sep 21
A preacher that was arrested for protesting a gay pride festival on Bourbon Street in New Orleans is suing to block the city’s ordinance that restricts religious or political speech.

On Bourbon Street, Party But Don’t Preach at Night

By Janet McConnaughey | Sep 17
Two weeks ago, a small group of street preachers were arrested during a gay pride festival, perhaps the first people to be booked under a nearly year-old ordinance against aggressive solicitation on Bourbon Street.

The Lord Acts in Mysterious Ways: Anti-Gay Preachers Arrested While Southern Decadence Bathes in Sunshine

By Jason St. Amand | Sep 5
Thanks to a new New Orleans law, nine preachers were arrested during the city’s massive Southern Decadence for holding anti-gay demonstrations. Meanwhile, despite the rantings of online preachers, the sun shone all weekend on the revelers.

Pastor Blames Hurricane Isaac on New Orleans’ Southern Decadence

By Jason St. Amand | Aug 31
A far right-wing pastor’s blog post blames Hurricane Isaac’s arrival in New Orleans on the city’s massive Southern Decadence party; his suggestion that Isaac is God’s judgement has been picked up by others.

Southern Decadence In New Orleans :: September 2, 2011

Southern Decadence In New Orleans :: September 2, 2011

Sep 7
Rain on our parade? Not a chance! Well, perhaps.... But we won’t let that stop our fun! 30 years into Southern Decadence in New Orleans, and we are still dancing in the streets to celebrate the glory and wonderment of it all. People from all over the world gathered to rejoice for Southern Decadence. Want to see the greatest party of 2011? Check out the pics here!

Anti-Gay Preacher Caught With Pants Down at Kiddie Park

By Kilian Melloy | Mar 1
An anti-gay New Orleans pastor who has made a name for himself locally by assailing gay events with bullhorn denunicantions was caught with his pants down near a childrens’ park.

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