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Subway to Transition to Antibiotic-Free Meat

Oct 21
Subway said Tuesday that it plans to switch to meat raised without antibiotics over the next several years.

5 Foods of the Future

By Candice Choi | Jul 6
Chips made out of broccoli, chickpeas and kale. Wine-spiked ice cream. Those were some of the alternate-universe products at this week's 61st annual Fancy Food Show.

FDA Tells Food Industry to Phase Out Trans Fats

By Mary Clare Jalonick | Jun 16
Popular foods like pie crusts, frostings and microwave popcorn will be largely rid of artery-clogging trans fats after a decision by the Obama administration to phase them out over the next three years.

Meat Mystery: Label Laws May Change

By Matthew Wexler | May 19
Shoppers could soon have a harder time finding out where some of their red meat comes from.

U.S.-Raised Organic Seafood Coming Soon

By Matthew Wexler | Apr 18
After more than a decade of delays, the government is moving toward allowing the sale of U.S.-raised organic fish and shellfish. But don't expect it in the grocery store anytime soon.

Where's the Beef? Shortage of Local Butchers

By Scott McFetridge | Mar 9
Demand for locally produced beef is surging as never before, but the butchers who for generations have prepared and sold meat to customers and markets are a dwindling profession.

Americans' Growing Taste for Goat Milk

By Kourtney Liepelt | Feb 28
Americans' growing taste for more unusual fare has contributed to a steady increase in demand for goat products in recent years, and producers across the country are trying to determine how to secure enough milk to give consumers what they want.

Apples Modified to Resist Browning Receive Federal Approval

Feb 18
Don't expect to see them too soon, but they could be coming to your local grocery store - two types of apples genetically modified to resist turning brown after they're bruised or sliced.

California Appeals Ruling That Allowed Foie Gras Again

Feb 6
California filed an appeal Wednesday of a federal judge's ruling that blocked the state's ban on the sale of foie gras - a delicacy that gourmets consider heaven and animal rights groups call hell.

Duck Farming Fading Away on New York's Long Island

By Frank Eltman | Nov 4
Once as synonymous with Long Island as Gatsby mansions, the Long Island duck is quietly fading into the history books. By the end of this year there will be only one duck farm left on Long Island.

1 thru 10 of 168 Stories