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Calendar Guys :: LGBT Asylum Project's Studs Offer Monthly Inspiration

Jan 7
You've gone over your holiday gifts and while you may be content, you forgot to get a calendar full of hunky men. Here's your chance to indulge some beefcake viewing while helping a good cause.

Scuba Santa Dives For Fun In Bay Area Exhibit

Scuba Santa Dives For Fun In Bay Area Exhibit

Dec 22
The California Academy of Sciences kicked off its annual Scuba Santa show Tuesday in San Francisco with about 100 children and adults who crowded around to watch jolly St. Nick dive into the coral reef exhibit.

Tips and Strategies for Weathering Visits with Family and Friends

By Jerry Yelton | Dec 18
Around the holidays, a lot of LGBTQ folks, particularly in the South, have to deal with difficult family members or friends and the ensuing difficult conversations.

Homo for the Holidays

By Dr. Greg Cason | Dec 17
In my training of over 50 mental health organizations, the factor that lead to the most significant change was not the presentation, but the words from the organization's leader.

Take the Good... Take the Bad

By Cutter Slagle | Nov 19
It's common, maybe even easy, to be thankful for all of the good that comes our way. But what about all of the bad that undoubtedly comes?

Out of the Closet and Off of the Scale

By Torie Dominguez | Oct 7
Chubbies, as those of mouthwateringly ample assets are known, are receiving more reverence than ever before from an increasingly open community of adoring "chasers."

Impulse :: Our Sex, Our Cities, Our Lives

By Jose Ramos | Sep 10
We are committed to continuously searching out new and innovative ways to bring the message of empowerment to all.

Flames Lick Up People's Fears in Ritual Effigy Burning

By Morgan Lee | Sep 5
High anxiety about White House politics, hurricane flooding and even the threat of nuclear war with North Korea is adding an extra spark to the annual burning of a giant, ghostly marionette.

Put These 4 LGBT Summer Events on Your Bucket List (Before It's Too Late!)

By Mikey Rox | Sep 2
Have you ticked off all the boxes on your super-gay summer checklist? Take a look at these last-minute activities to keep the final few weeks of lazy days fun and fancy free.

Domitilla Catacombs Unveiled After Years of Renovation

By Daniela Petroff | May 31
The catacombs of Domitilla, close to the Appian Way, have been restored with laser and scanning technology, reviving the fading tale of life and death in Rome's early Christian community.

1 thru 10 of 50 Stories