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Regret Your Tattoo? Tips on How to Get Rid of It

Aug 7
Does your tattoo sport your old flame's name? Or the one you got on a whim no longer fits your image? You're not alone. Many people have "tattoo regret" and are opting to get the ink removed.

More Than Skin Deep: How Odyssey Wellness Tattoo Changes Lives

By Jill Gleeson | Feb 9
Darlene DiBona of Odyssey Wellness Tattoo specializes in working with people who have undergone mastectomies and gender reassignment surgery.

Think Before You Ink: Tips From Tattoo Expert Trent Aitken-Smith

By Jill Gleeson | Jun 30
Author and tattoo expert Trent Aitken-Smith chats about the do's and don'ts of getting a tattoo.

Leading Tattoo Artists Help Wounded Israelis with Scars

By Tia Goldenberg | Oct 23
At an event organized by a group called Artists 4 Israel, 11 tattoo artists from around the world splashed bold graphics on the wounded Israelis this week, transforming their pain into a source of pride.

Thais Honor Late King by Getting Tattoos

By Natnicha Chuwiruch | Oct 20
In honor of Thailand's late king, some Thais are collecting portraits of the monarch, some are purchasing commemorative banknotes - and some are getting tattooed.

Tattoo Artists Gather for Convention in Romania

Oct 19
More than 100 tattoo and piercing artists have brought their skills and art to a three-day convention in the Romanian capital.

International London Tattoo Convention 2016

International London Tattoo Convention 2016

Sep 30
Thousands of tattoo fans descended on East London last weekend for the annual International London Tattoo Convention 2016.

Kat Von D Cuts Ties With Makeup Artist Jeffree Star

Jul 21
Tattoo artist and reality show star Kat Von D has cut business ties with makeup artist Jeffree Star.

Tattoo Street Style

By Matthew Wexler | Oct 27
Like fingerprints, no two tattoos are alike, and some see them as the ultimate expression of personal style. Photographer Nicolas Brulez travels the world in search of unique tattoo artists and those who showcase their artistry.

Who Tops 'Worst Celebrity Tattoo' List?

Aug 26
You probably wouldn't say it to his face, but former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson has the worst celebrity tattoo in a recent survey that also includes Pamela Anderson, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber.

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