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6 Tips for an Insta-Worthy Cheese Board

Jan 20
It's National Cheese Lovers Day (yes, it exists) so what better reason to indulge in a sampling of dairy goodness?

The Gift of Mind-Blowing Cheese is Just a Click Away

By Culinary Institute of America | Dec 4
Edible gifts are always a huge hit, especially at busy times of the year. We can enjoy them in our pajamas at the end of a long day and they are usually something that you don't get to eat every day.

Gouda News: Maine's Cheese Making Boom Continues to Rise

By Patrick Whittle | Aug 17
The number of retail cheesemakers in Maine grew from 40 in 2010 to 80 this year, state officials said. And applications for more licenses are in the pipeline.

Party With a King: Parmigiano Reggiano

Jul 19
The last monarch of Italy passed away in 1983, but for the past 900 years another king has been ruling in the kitchens of almost every household on the Italian peninsula-Parmigiano Reggiano.

Mozzarella Mayhem in Italy

May 13
Police in Italy have shut down a mozzarella factory and arrested 13 people after finding that prized local buffalo milk was being cut with cheaper imported cow milk.

Europe Makes a Stink About American Cheese Names

By Mary Clare Jalonick | Mar 14
As part of trade talks, the EU wants to limit the use of names like Parmesan, feta and Gorgonzola on cheese made in the United States.

Cheese and Drink Pairings from Murray’s Cheese

Cheese and Drink Pairings from Murray’s Cheese

Nov 24
Stumped as to how to easily pull together holiday snacks? Our friends at Murray’s Cheese offer their expert advice.

Swiss Cheese at the Mercy of Strong Swiss Franc

The dramatic slide in sales of Emmental, popularly known as "Swiss cheese" in North America, is caused by the strength of the Swiss franc, a financial phenomenon that is driving down profits in sectors across all of export-driven Switzerland.

Goat Dairies Grow with Demand for Goat Cheese

When milk prices crashed in 2002, Chris Lekberg gave up. He sold his cows and bought goats. It turned out to be a wise decision. He now has more than 50 goats, and with growing demand for goat cheese, he gets a steady price for their milk.

Goat farms spur growth in Alaskan cheese making

By Jeremy Hsieh | Apr 9
A growing number of Alaska farmers have found a niche with goats, hardy animals they say adjust well to the state’s climate.

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