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The Return of Will & Grace & Jack & Karen

By Tim Parks | Oct 7
When "Will & Grace" premiered on NBC back in 1998, it offered television audiences something they hadn't previously seen on a big three network (gasp), a relationship between a gay man and his straight female friend.

GLBT History and 'When We Rise' :: An Interview with Dustin Lance Black

By Joel Martens | Feb 20
Moments exist in film, television and other mediums offering snapshots, but few illustrate the full experience or show the arduous timeline signifying the full power and strength of the LGBT movement. "When We Rise" is about to fix that.

The Year in TV

By Victoria A. Brownworth | Jan 1
This was a vintage year for stellar TV, particularly dramatic series. Top on many lists are "Game of Thrones" and "Westworld."

Finding Prince Charming :: Robert Sits Down With Hotspots for An Exclusive Interview

By Scott Holland | Dec 11
The inaugural season of "Finding Prince Charming" definitely made its mark on pop culture. It was a pleasure to sit down with Robert "The Prince" for this exclusive Hotspots interview.

'Finding Prince Charming' :: Chad Says Goodbye

By Scott Holland | Oct 30
At the Tie Ceremony Chad decided not to keep his tie, as he thought Robert was not being real, and threw it on the ground. As you can see from the interview below, not only is Chad sexy, he is very intelligent!

'Feral' Star Seth Daniel on the Streaming Gay Sensation

By Scott Holland | Oct 17
"Like HBO's "Looking" or "Girls," but set in Memphis, Tennessee." That's how creator Morgan Jon Fox characterizes "Feral," a original TV series that debuted October 6 exclusively on the subscription streaming service dedicated to gay men.

Versailles: Love, Passion, Intrigue, and Excess

By Joel Martens | Oct 9
"Versailles," the namesake new series on Ovation, will change the way you see French history and those who lived within, from an entirely new perspective.

Chaz Bono Goes Where the Bears Are

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Sep 11
It sounds like a crazy idea on paper, but the web series "Where the Bears Are" has taken off. Since its debut in 2012, "Bears" episodes have amassed 20 million views.

'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars,' Season 2 :: Coco

By Scott Holland | Sep 4
It was a pleasure to sit down, once again, with CoCo, just one day after being eliminated.

Gay TV Series Will Film in SF Soon

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Apr 10
San Francisco will soon see filming of the ABC-TV miniseries "When We Rise," based in part on the memoir of Harvey Milk confidante Cleve Jones.

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