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Alaska Airlines Scales Back Miles Partnership with American

Oct 13
Alaska Airlines and American Airlines will scale back their mileage plan partnership early next year.

Scandinavian Airlines Stops Duty-Free Sales to Cut Emissions

Jun 6
Faced with growing consumer concern about the climate impact of flying, Scandinavian Airlines said earlier this week it will stop selling duty-free goods on planes to reduce weight and save fuel as part of a wider range of measures to cut emissions.

AirHelp Unveils Best and Worst Airports and Airlines in New Report

May 9
AirHelp has announced the results of its annual AirHelp Score, which rates global airlines and airports.

First Direct U.S. Flight to Emilia-Romagna Launches This Summer

Mar 22
Travelers can now travel to Emilia Romagna, home to gourmet delights such as Parma ham, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, traditional Balsamic vinegar and Bolognese sauce, via a direct flight on American Airlines.

Spirit Tops U.S. Airlines in On-Time Arrivals

By David Koenig | Dec 17
Spirit Airlines tops the latest ratings for on-time flights, a big turnaround for a discount carrier that consistently ranked as the tardiest airline in America three years ago.

Chilling Details of Fatal Southwest Flight

By David Koenig, Claudia Lauer | Nov 15
When flight attendant Rachel Fernheimer got to row 14, she saw a woman strapped in her lap belt but with her head, torso and arm hanging out a broken window.

Safety Tips for Traveling on Foreign Airlines

By David Koenig | Nov 14
International air travel has become remarkably safe in recent years, with deadly accidents like last month's Lion Air crash in Indonesia becoming more rare.

Transatlantic Budget Flying Gets a Reality Check

Nov 13
For those hoping for ever cheaper fares on long-haul flights, this month's takeover of Icelandic airline Wow is not good news.

Have 19 Hours? World's Longest Flight Takes Off

By Annabelle Liang | Oct 12
The world's longest direct commercial flight is back and taking travelers from Singapore to the New York region.

Ryanair Cabin Crews in 4 European Countries Go on Strike

By Aritz Parra | Jul 25
Cabin crew workers for low-cost airline Ryanair went on strike Wednesday in four European countries over working conditions.

1 thru 10 of 155 Stories