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One Step at a Time: How Recovery Unplugged Reaches LGBTQ Addicts

By Matthew Wexler | Jul 1
Recovery Unplugged harnesses the power of music to facilitate long-term sobriety from alcohol and substance abuse. They also understand the challenges facing the LGBTQ community. It only takes a phone call to begin.

The Hidden Deaths of The Coronavirus Pandemic

By Markian Hawryluk | Jun 27
Some people who get COVID-19 die of COVID-19. Some people who have COVID die of something else. And then there are people who die because of disruptions created by the pandemic.

Drinking Surged During The Pandemic. Do You Know The Signs Of Addiction?

By Alex Smith | Jun 25
Retail alcohol sales jumped by 55% nationally during the third week of March. Consumption of all this alcohol can be problematic for individuals, even those who haven't had trouble with drinking in the past.

Finding Sobriety as a Gay Man at Recovery Unplugged

By Matthew Wexler | Jun 22
Damian shares his story of addiction and finding a welcoming environment at Recovery Unplugged's Fort Lauderdale facility to help him get and stay sober from substance abuse.

Recovery Unplugged: Understanding the Physiology of Addiction and Sobriety

By Jill Gleeson | May 23
What you put into your body directly relates to recovery, Recovery Unplugged, a national addiction care organization with locations all over the country — and the importance of physical well-being shouldn't be minimized.

Watch: How Recovery Unplugged Offers Hope and Healing to the LGBTQ Community

By Jill Gleeson | May 22
A drug and alcohol rehab unlike any other, Recovery Unplugged uses music to affect change in clients right down to their souls — the place where true healing happens. Here is one woman's story.

How Young Queer and Trans Men in Canada are Navigating Opioid Risk Reduction

May 21
Recent research has revealed that young queer and trans men in Canada make a significant effort to buy substances from "trustworthy" sources, including members of their peer and sexual networks.

Hear Me Roar: How Recovery Unplugged Helps Women in Addiction

By Jill Gleeson | May 7
Music-based addiction treatment network Recovery Unplugged offers an innovative approach for women seeking treatment and long-lasting recovery.

Recovery Unplugged: Finding Sobriety One Song at a Time

By Jill Gleeson | Nov 13
Aerosmith songwriter Richie Supa shares how music is a fundamental part of Recovery Unplugged's addition treatment program.

Reaching the LGBTQ Community Through Music-Based Addiction Treatment

By Matthew Wexler | Oct 1
Recovery Unplugged understands the dangers of addiction and offers a recovery process that includes individual therapy, group therapy, counseling, and aftercare. Within this course of treatment, music actually becomes a recovery trigger.

1 thru 10 of 27 Stories