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2016 Bucket List: Chile

By Matthew Wexler | Jan 2
EDGE's ultimate travel guide for 2016 continues with our fourth installment: Chile.

Revolutionizing Chilean Cuisine One Bite at a Time

Mar 25
Chile is famous around the world for its wine, but until recently its food wasn't known beyond its long borders. Now, several chefs in the South American country's capital are revolutionizing Chilean cuisine one bite at a time.

Chile Sailor Publicly Discloses His Homosexuality

Aug 28
A sailor with Chile's navy on Wednesday announced he is gay, an unprecedented public declaration in this socially conservative South American nation.

Chilean Pastor Blames Inferno on Civil Unions Bill

By EDGE | Apr 15
According to a Chilean pastor, God’s objection to the country’s civil union bill was to blame for a massive forest fire that devastated parts of the coastal city of Valpara√≠so on April 12.

Chilean Man Dies After Alleged Anti-Gay Attack

By Jason St. Amand | Apr 9
A 21-year-old gay man from Chile has died Sunday after being brutally beaten in an alleged anti-gay hate crime in October.

Chile New President Promises to Fight for Same-Sex Marriage

By Jason St. Amand | Mar 13
Chile could be the next country to legalize same-sex marriage.

Newcomer Vintners Shaking Up Chilean Wine Scene

By Luis Andres Henao | Feb 18
A bold new wave of independent vintners are challenging Chile’s reputation for producing oceans of agreeable but predictable wines. Their quirky, small-batch harvests are capturing the attention of wine connoisseurs at home and abroad.

Chile Senate Approves Same-Sex Civil Unions; Must Pass Congress

By Winnie McCroy | Jan 8
Chile moved one step further toward securing gay rights this month with the Senate approval of same-sex civil unions legislation, which will now pass to a constitutional assembly, and then to Congress on Jan. 20.

Pro-Gay Marriage President Elected in Chile

By Luis Andres Henao | Dec 17
President-elect Michelle Bachelet vowed on Monday to initiate profound social changes in Chile, a day after winning the seat with the biggest victory in eight decades.

Chile Presidential Candidates Square Off in Debate

Dec 6
Michelle Bachelet defended promises of deep social changes while her conservative rival Evelyn Matthei said reducing poverty and crime are more important than Bachelet’s call for free education during a debate ahead of the presidential elections.

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