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Design On A Dime @ Metropolitan Pavilion NY :: April 26, 2018

Design On A Dime @ Metropolitan Pavilion NY :: April 26, 2018

May 1
Housing Works returned to the Metropolitan Pavilion with amazing designers who created unique room vignettes with donated merchandise from well known brands and artists. All merchandise was then sold, with proceeds going to help end AIDS and homelessness.

Ask a Designer: Using Trendy 'Ultra Violet' in Decor

By Melissa Rayworth | Jan 4
This rich violet is more challenging to use well in home decorating. It can easily overpower a room, and needs to be paired carefully with other shades.

Three's Company: M3LD Interiors

By Andy Smith | Oct 27
Modern and sexy may not be terms often associated with Salt Lake City, but Brian Garrett and Jason Frederick are doing their bit to change that image.

Modern Makeover: Sweet Home Chicago

By Adrienne Jordan | May 24
The second in our three-part series, Homepolish designers offer an inside look at how they reinvent spaces for any lifestyle.

Hotel Tips For Sprucing Up Your Home

By Beth J. Harpaz | Apr 13
Here are some tips from three hotel brands - Renaissance, Baccarat and Loews - on how to create that same serene and inviting atmosphere at home.

Stockholm on Display

By Matthew Wexler | Mar 13
More than just meatballs and IKEA, Sweden and its capital city, Stockholm, is a design enthusiast's dream.

Winter Glow: EDGE's Guide to Cold-Weather Furnishings

By David Perry | Feb 19
While much of the country has been blasted with cold weather this winter, EDGE is heating this up with the latest design trends to warm up your decor.

Colors & Patterns :: Some Rules to Follow

By Joel Martens | Sep 20
When you look at what is being said in print online or by celebrity designers, the advice on what is "in" is as varied as stars burning in the sky. Here are some hints to help cut through the clutter.

Flower Power: Marimekko Celebrates 50 Years as a Design Icon

By Ian Michael Crumm | Jun 17
The Finnish design brand celebrates 50 years with a well-rounded home decor collection that features signature florals and prints.

LA by Design

By Matthew Wexler | May 24
EDGE takes a look at five iconic brands that capture the breadth and diversity of LA’s design evolution.

1 thru 10 of 127 Stories