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Documentary Filmmaker Ben Steele on 'Love and Hate Crime,' Airing Feb. 25 on ID

By Kilian Melloy | Feb 15
A three-part documentary series by filmmaker Ben Steele kicks off on Investigation Discovery (ID) with a film about a trans teen's murder by her (supposedly unsuspecting) gang member boyfriend. Steele chats with EDGE.

 Bruhl Debuts New Killer Thriller Series 'The Alienist'

Bruhl Debuts New Killer Thriller Series 'The Alienist'

Jan 19
In New York, Daniel Bruhl, Dakota Fanning and Luke Evans premiere TNT's new period thriller series "The Alienist" - which tells the story of a 19th century psychologist hunting a vicious serial killer.

Star Trek Showrunners Promise They Are Not 'Burying Their Gays'

By Kilian Melloy | Jan 8
It took gay people half a century to find representation in the "Star Trek" universe. So why is "Discovery" now burying one of its gays? The series' showrunners promise fans it's not that simple.

FX Chief: Even Peak TV Can Be A 'Sideshow' to Internet

By Lynn Elber | Jan 8
Television keeps churning out record numbers of original series but is being overshadowed by the internet's dubious distractions, FX Networks CEO John Landgraf said Friday.

Ellen DeGeneres Gets Her Game On in New Prime-Time Show

By Lynn Elber | Dec 29
Ellen DeGeneres, known for keeping her comedy on the nice side, lets her inner meanie out for "Ellen's Game of Games."

Stars, Fans Say Goodbye to 'Nashville' in Final Season

By Kristin M. Hall | Dec 27
"Nashville" survived one previous cancellation, but the final curtain call is coming for the TV melodrama about the trials and tribulations of country music stars.

Broderick Ready to Tell 'A Christmas Story'

Broderick Ready to Tell 'A Christmas Story'

Dec 17
Actor Matthew Broderick prepares for Sunday's live telecast of musical adaptation of "A Christmas Story" in the U.S.

Sexual Assault Claims Plague TV Biz

By Victoria A. Brownworth | Dec 16
There was little good to report on the tube.

HBO Docuseries Celebrates A Trans Woman's Quinceanera

By Donyae Lewis | Dec 2
For those looking for something that is LGBT friendly, HBO's upcoming docu-series "15: A QuinceaƱera Story" is worthy of making space on your DVR.

In the 'Zone,' and How, with 'The Twilight Zone Encyclopedia' Author Steven Jay Rubin

By Kilian Melloy | Dec 1
Movie producer and author Steven Jay Rubin has written a lovingly detailed reference work on Rod Serling's original series. To find out more, EDGE's resident "Twilight Zone" fanatic caught up to Rubin for a chat.

1 thru 10 of 315 Stories