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A GMHC Walk To The NYC AIDS Memorial :: August 9, 2017

A GMHC Walk To The NYC AIDS Memorial :: August 9, 2017

Aug 10
GMHC hosted a commemorative walk from its headquarters to the NYC AIDS Memorial in remembrance of the first meeting of GMHC's six founders and their supporters who, on August 11, 1981 came together to launch the world's first AIDS service organization.

Broadway Bares in SF: Stripping for A Good Cause

By Richard Dodds | Jul 10
"Broadway Bares SF: Tech Tails" inaugurates a West Coast outpost for the charitable striptease with a July 11 performance at Club Fugazi.

HIV-Positive Man Takes the Lead at SF AIDS Foundation

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Jan 3
For the first time in recent memory, a man who's living with HIV is leading the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, one of the largest AIDS-based nonprofits in the country.

Yale Grad's Essay Tears into SF AIDS Foundation

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Jun 21
A senior essay by a recent Yale graduate blasts the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, questioning the nonprofit spending millions of dollars to establish a health center in the Castro

President's Budget Funds Domestic HIV & Hepatitis Programs

By EDGE | Feb 19
AIDS Service Organizations are pleased by President Barack Obama's new budget, which continues funding for HIV and Hepatitis prevention and funds the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program at its current level.

The Top 15 HIV Fundraisers of 2014

By Winnie McCroy | Dec 29
Here's a list of 2014's top 15 HIV fundraisers. From Los Angeles to New York, see how these groups raise funds to help their clients living with HIV/AIDS.

Mondo Guerra Shares HIV Status on "TakePart Live"

By Winnie McCroy | Dec 17
Mondo Guerra shocked not only "Project Runway" viewers when he announced he was HIV-positive; in an interview on the web series "TakePart" Live, he reveals how the show helped him come out as HIV-positive, and become a positive spokesperson.

Jack Mackenroth Kicks Off HIV Shower Selfie Challenge

By Winnie McCroy | Dec 1
In an effort to fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic and raise a million dollars toward finding a cure, HIV activist, Jack Mackenroth has partnered with global gay social app Moovz to launch The Shower Selfie Challenge.

amfAR HIV Cure Summit Discusses the Latest Scientific Breakthroughs

By Winnie McCroy | Nov 29
On Monday, November 17, nearly 200 of the leading voices in HIV/AIDS research gathered at 7 World Trade Center in New York for amfAR's HIV Cure Summit to talk about the search for a cure for HIV.

AAHIVM Creates Institute for Hepatitis C

By Winnie McCroy | Nov 27
The American Academy of HIV Medicine (AAHIVM), the nation's leading HIV care provider organization, has announced the creation of the new AAHIVM Institute for Hepatitis C.

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