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Larry Kramer Headed to the World AIDS Museum

By Ryan Yousefi | Feb 11
The World AIDS Museum and Educational Center (WAM) announced that on March 8 they will be opening the doors of their new exhibit, "AIDS Crisis in America: 30 Years of ACT UP - A Convergence of Disease, Art and Human Resilience."

Larry Kramer Talks 'Cure' at GMHC Awards

By EDGE | Mar 24
Larry Kramer talked frankly about finding a cure for HIV as he accepted the first-ever Larry Kramer Activism Award from GMHC at the Spring Gala on March 23.

Early Outrage Over AIDS Crisis Reaches DC Stage

By Brett Zongker | Jun 15
Larry Kramer’s 1985 play about the AIDS crisis, called "The Normal Heart," is just being staged in Washington D.C.

here! Documents 30 Years of the AIDS Epidemic

By Steve Weinstein | Nov 27
A new documentary on here! sums up the horrors of the AIDS epidemic, with an an emphasis on the first two decades, with vivid clips, images, interviews & narration.

30 Years of AIDS: We Were All Volunteers

By Dr. Larry Mass | Jun 13
In the 30th year of the AIDS epidemic, one of the founders of GMHC takes a look at the early days, when only volunteers cared for the sick; and at three famous ones: playwright Larry Kramer, socialite Judy Peabody & Rodger McFarlane, GMHC’s 1st head.

How Jim Parsons is spending his summer vacation

By Jim Halterman | May 9
Emmy Award-winning actor Jim Parsons is spending his time away from "The Big Bang Theory" in a featured role in the acclaimed Broadway revival of "The Normal Heart." He explains why in this interview.

AIDS Group Gets New Headquarters - But Larry Kramer Objects

By Kilian Melloy | Jul 14
The longest-running AIDS service organization in the country is relocating to a larger space. But some critics--including the group’s founder--are voicing critiques about the move.

Harvard to Inaugurate Gay Studies Chair

By Kilian Melloy | Jun 3
Yale may have turned a similar departmental chair down, but longtime football rival Harvard University is set to proceed with the establishment of a chair for visiting scholars of GLBT studies.

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