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Puerto Rico Adventures by Day and Night

By Jill Gleeson | Apr 26
Puerto Rico is chock-full of non-nocturnal adventures so epic and singular that you're not only going to want to rest up for them, you won't even mind putting that Latin lothario on ice for a couple evenings.

Slumber Party: Where to Sleep & Play in San Juan

By Andy Smith | Nov 29
A contrast between Old World and 21st century, three luxurious, LGBT-friendly hotels offer unique amenities for tourists who want more than a bar and beach access.

EDGE’s Top 5 Travel Stories From 2013

By Matthew Wexler | Dec 31
We made a list and checked it twice, and although we can’t take responsibility for whatever did (or didn’t) end up in your stack of holiday gifts, EDGE can offer up five of our most popular travel stories from 2013.

Spicing Up Summer at the San Juan Marriott

By Dan Allen | Apr 24
An iconic of San Juan’s Condado district, the San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino offers the perfect combination of rest, relaxation and Puerto Rican spirit.

The Many Flavors of Puerto Rico

By Matthew Wexler | Apr 23
Discover San Juan’s colorful past, one fried bite at a time.

Five Signs That Puerto Rico is Gayer Than You Think

By Dan Allen | Mar 5
For all its beauty and travel convenience, Puerto Rico is sometimes overlooked by gay travelers, who assume that it’s simply not a very LGBT-friendly place. That may have once been true, but things are rapidly changing.

1 thru 6 of 6 Stories