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House Sends Bill to Trump Blocking Online Privacy Regulation

By Kevin Freking | Mar 29
Congress has sent President Donald Trump legislation that would kill an online privacy regulation, a move that could eventually allow internet providers such as Comcast, AT&T and Verizon to sell the browsing habits of their customers.

CA Bills Address Health, LGBT School Issues

By Matthew S. Bajko | Mar 4
California lawmakers are being asked to expand the number of state agencies required to collect LGBT demographic data and readdress the issue of LGBT discrimination on the campuses of religious affiliated colleges and universities.

Calif. Bill Would Allow 'Non-Binary' on Docs

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Jan 29
California state Senators Toni Atkins and Scott Wiener have introduced a bill that would allow people to choose "non-binary" as the gender on their birth certificates and other documents.

Apple CEO Lends Name to Alabama's Anti-Gay Discrimination Bill

By Winnie McCroy | Dec 5
Apple CEO Tim Cook -- the first CEO of a Fortune 500 company to come out as gay, in October -- has lent his support and his name to an anti-gay workplace discrimination bill in his home state of Alabama.

Congress Aims to Save $44M By Cutting Medicare Penis Pumps

By Winnie McCroy | Dec 3
The Republicans in Congress have officially had enough of funding penis pumps for men who can't get erections. The devices are covered by Medicare to the tune of $44 million per year -- money better spent on the disabled.

Uganda Lawmakers To Fast-Track New Anti-Gay Bill

By Winnie McCroy | Oct 31
After an embarrassing defeat of the Uganda Parliament earlier this year by the Constitutional Court, legislators now say they will return on November 4, determined to fast-track a new anti-gay bill.

Missouri Legislation Would Refuse Service Based on Religious Beliefs

By Winnie McCroy | Feb 26
Missouri legislators on Monday introduced legislation that would permit business owners to refuse service to LGBTs based on their religious beliefs.

PA Lawmakers Introduce Pay Equity Legislation for Women

By Winnie McCroy | Jan 13
On January 6, as part of a larger effort to address the concerns of Pennsylvania women, state Reps. Erin Molchany, D-Allegheny, and Brian Sims, D-Phila., introduced a bill to clarify and update the legal standards for pay-equity lawsuits.

Top Ten HIV Stories of 2013

By Winnie McCroy | Dec 31
EDGE looks at the top 10 HIV health stories of the year.

HOPE Act Allows HIV-Positive to Donate Organs

By Winnie McCroy | Nov 19
AIDS service organizations are applauding the House of Representatives’ decision to allow people living with HIV to donate their organs to other people living with HIV.

1 thru 10 of 12 Stories