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Loving the Skin They're In: How Gender Expression Coaches Help Transgender Women Embrace Their Authentic Selves

By Jill Gleeson | Oct 31
Gender expression coaches are helping transgender women express their authentic selves.

More Than Skin Deep: How Odyssey Wellness Tattoo Changes Lives

By Jill Gleeson | Feb 9
Darlene DiBona of Odyssey Wellness Tattoo specializes in working with people who have undergone mastectomies and gender reassignment surgery.

Denying Transgender Identity Can Seriously Impact Mental Health

By Bethany Grace Howe | Dec 13
The impact of statements or actions that are subtly and even unintentionally discriminatory, what researchers call "microaggressions," is measurable and real.

Transcendence :: September 28, 2017

Transcendence :: September 28, 2017

Oct 1
The Callen-Lorde Community Heath Center's annual Transcendence, a celebration for transgender and non-binary communities, honored world renowned DJ Lina, alongside writer, speaker and media personality Tyler Ford. Such a moving & inspirational experience.

Finland Will Continue Sterilizing Trans People

By Brittany Ferrendi | Sep 3
The cruel and unusual 'Trans Act' remains: Finnish law currently requires transgender people to be sterilized before legally changing their gender.

SAGE Tells Trump to Count the T in Seniors Survey

By Michael d'Oliveira | Jul 8
The Trump administration has restored sexual orientation to the National Survey of Older Americans Act. But gender identity is still missing and SAGE is demanding transgender individuals be put back in.

VA Scuttles Plans to Cover Transition Surgery for Transgender Vets

By John Riley | Nov 19
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is dropping plans to cover transition-related surgical expenses for transgender veterans, citing budget constraints.

Trans Nurse Denied Shower After Being Pepper Sprayed

By Brittany Ferrendi | Jul 30
A transgender nurse working at a prison hospital was denied the right to use the male bathroom after being doused in pepper spray.

New Studies Look at PrEP for Trans People

By Liz Highleyman | May 7
The California HIV/AIDS Research Program has announced that it has funded three new demonstration projects - including two in the Bay Area - to learn more about PrEP for transgender women and men.

Despite Years of Breast Cancer Research, Questions Remain for Transgender Men, Women

By Jeff Taylor | Oct 18
Research into breast cancer is extensive, but it is still severely lacking when it comes to transgender men and women.

1 thru 10 of 23 Stories