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Documentary Filmmaker Ben Steele on 'Love and Hate Crime,' Airing Feb. 25 on ID

By Kilian Melloy | Feb 15
A three-part documentary series by filmmaker Ben Steele kicks off on Investigation Discovery (ID) with a film about a trans teen's murder by her (supposedly unsuspecting) gang member boyfriend. Steele chats with EDGE.

Advocacy Group Calls On Japan To End Sterilization of Transgender People

By Ryan Lynch | Dec 30
An international human rights group is asking Japan to not require transgender people to be sterilized.

Trans Activist Attacked in Her Home

By Michael d'Oliveira | Dec 30
On Dec. 20, Arianna Lint, transgender activist and founder of TransLatina Coalition, was attacked in her Fort Lauderdale home by an unknown assailant.

Remembering the Transgender People Killed in 2017

By Jeff Taylor | Nov 12
Last year set a grim record for the highest number of known transgender people murdered in the U.S. This year is on track to match, or even top, it.

2017 Now Deadliest Year Ever for Transgender People in U.S.

By Ryan Lynch | Nov 4
With the shooting death of 47-year-old Stephanie Montez, 2017 is now the deadliest year on record for transgender people living in America.

Mic Launches Database to Track Anti Trans Violence

By Jillian Melero | Jan 7
Mic media has launched a new site, a database, interactive feature, and news feed examining the reported cases of violence against transgender people in the U.S. beginning in 2010.

Convict in California Trans Murder Granted Parole

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Nov 5
Parole has been granted for one of the men who murdered transgender teenager Gwen Araujo in 2002, while parole for another one of Araujo's killers has been denied.

Transwoman Speaks About Supermarket Restroom Trauma

By Fallon Forbush | May 29
A transwoman with Parkinson's disease who says she was assaulted by a supermarket patron in the women's room speaks out about the experience.

Trans Murder Rates Are Out of Control

By John Riley | Aug 22
In total, 16 transgender women were murdered so far in 2015, a number surpassing last year's. What's more, 14 of the 16 victims were transgender women of color.

Trans Woman Killed in Fresno

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Aug 2
Fresno police are investigating the death of someone who was stabbed on a city street late last week by a person in an SUV.

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