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Kelly Clarkson : The Girl Next Door All Grown Up

By Joel Martens | Nov 18
It's hard to believe it's been 15 years since Kelly Clarkson burst on the scene at the tender age of 20, in the inaugural season of "American Idol" back in 2002. Clarkson talks with The Rage Monthly about her music and new album.

Transgender Musician Jaimie Wilson Plays to His Own Beat

By Brody Levesque | May 21
Shirtless, tanned, fit, and blond-haired, he looks like most every other young man his age who is entering adulthood trying to figure out where his path will take him. But life wasn't always like this for his handsome young man.

Going There :: Tom Goss Talks About 'What Doesn't Break'

By Kilian Melloy | Aug 2
With his new album "What Doesn't Break," Tom Goss adopts a more mature storytelling sensibility -- and a darker, more complex and layered sound. Goss chats with EDGE about opening up artistically more than he ever has before.

1 thru 3 of 3 Stories