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Leading Liberal Policy Group Unveils 'Coverage for All' Plan

By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar | Feb 23
A leading liberal policy group is raising the ante in the health care debate with a new plan that builds on Medicare to guarantee coverage for all.

Amazon, Buffett and JPMorgan Join Forces on Health Care

By Tom Murphy | Feb 1
Three of corporate America's heaviest hitters sent a shudder through the health industry Tuesday when they announced plans to jointly create a company to provide their employees with high-quality, affordable care.

The Five Reasons Gays Are More Addicted

Jan 29
While issues like marriage and discrimination laws dominate the headlines, as much as 30% of the LGBTQ+ community are suffering and even dying from alcohol and drug addiction. But why?

Medical Credit Cards Can Mean Aches and Pains for Patients

By Matthew Perrone | Jan 13
Consumer advocates warn medical credit cards can saddle patients with unexpected penalties and sky-high interest rates.

Health Care Fallout: Fate of 8M Low-Income Children in Limbo

By Steve Kanowski and Jim Anderson | Dec 3
TC Bell knows what life is like without health insurance after growing up with a mother who cobbled together care from a public health clinic, emergency room visits and off-the-books visits to a doctor they knew.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump Ad Hits Wrong Target on Health Care

By Steve Peoples | Nov 4
President Donald Trump's re-election committee is lashing out at Democrats in a new TV ad that incorrectly blames his critics in the opposing party for blocking fixes to the nation's health care system.

Health Law Sign-Ups Start, and Some See A 'Hostile Takeover'

By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar | Oct 31
Many people already faced fewer choices and higher premiums. But President Donald Trump's decision to cancel a subsidy to insurers that lowers consumer costs compounded the turmoil, pushing premiums even higher.

Study: Premiums for Popular ACA Plan Up by 34 Percent

By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar | Oct 28
Premiums for the most popular "Obamacare" plans are going up an average of 34 percent, according to a study that confirms dire predictions about the impact of political turmoil on consumers.

Long-Term Care Costs Are Surging

By Tom Murphy | Sep 28
Long-term care costs are surging again and the most expensive option - a private nursing home room - may soon top $100,000 per year.

Congress at Crossroads After Another GOP Health Care Failure

By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar | Sep 27
Congress is at a crossroads after Republicans' stinging failure to repeal Barack Obama's health care law. But what's next - more partisan conflict or a pragmatic shift toward cooperation?

1 thru 10 of 237 Stories