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Visiting Venice Will Cost Day-Trippers a Few Extra Euros

Mar 6
Spending the day in the picturesque city of Venice, one of the world's most popular tourist destinations, will soon cost a few extra euros for visitors not staying overnight.

Vanishing Venitians

Nov 14
Venetians, an ever-diminishing breed, protested in their lagoon city Saturday to draw attention to the problems of daily life in the famous Italian city.

An Italian Adventure: Tuscany and Venice

By Bobby McGuire | Oct 8
It's easy to see how this thrillingly beautiful region in Central Italy inspired da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael and Botticelli.

Italian Company Proposes Venice Theme Park

By Colleen Barry | Oct 31
An Italian company that built Coney Island’s latest attractions and an amusement park in a never-activated nuclear plant in Germany has unveiled plans to invest 80 million euros ($110 million) for a theme park in Venice.

Fast-Track to Scandinavia on the Luxurious Orient-Express

Jun 10
While Scandinavia may not always be warm, it’s definitely hot on today’s travel scene, thanks to gastronomic meccas Noma and Mathias Dahlgren, spectacular landscapes of craggy fjords and verdant lowlands, and addictive Dragon Tattoo thrillers.

Philly’s "Pops Up Garden" Pops Up at Venice Biennale

May 25
The "PHS Pops Up Garden" created last year at 20th and Market Streets in Philadelphia has been chosen for inclusion in the official U.S. presentation at the 13th International Venice Architecture Biennale.

Venice Biennale Explores Artistic Freedom

The juxtaposition of the booming Americans and the quiet Danes wasn’t meant to make an artistic point - but the frictions caused perfectly capture one of the main themes of this year’s Venice biennale: artistic freedom and its boundaries.

Venice, Vicenza and the Architectural Style of Andrea Palladio

By Richard Frisbie | Sep 15
Come along as EDGE’s Richard Frisbie tours his favorite architecture sites in Venice!

Impressions of Venice, Italy

By Richard Frisbie | Aug 8
Venice. The name stirs romantic thoughts of gondola rides steered by colorful gondoliers in striped shirts, singing "O Solo Mio". Every other destination wishes they were so lucky, as every one wishes they were in Venice!

1 thru 9 of 9 Stories