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After Series of Attacks, Police Ramp Up Security in Dallas Gayborhood

Friday Oct 23, 2015

Local officials for Oak Lawn, a neighborhood in Dallas with a large LGBT community, announced Wednesday that police will increase patrolling in the area after a series of violent attacks, the Dallas Morning News reports.

"We are here because of the seriousness of the attacks. ... I'm very concerned." City Council member Adam Medrano said during a monthly LGBT task force meeting.

About 50 people attended the event and one man said he was attacked while walking in a populated area of Oak Lawn.

"A passerby saw me stumbling ... in the middle of Cedar Springs, soaked in blood," Michael Dominguez said, according to the newspaper. "I wasn't on a side street, I wasn't walking in an unlit area. I was in the middle of the district, and to this day I am finding it impossible to believe that there are no businesses on that street that have any sidewalk-facing cameras."

Dominguez said he was assaulted on Sept. 30 around 1 a.m. while he was leaving a bar, according to local news station KXAS-TV. He said he was hit on the back of the head and knocked unconscious and also stabbed a number of times.

"We're talking about prevention, and that's great and that's definitely going to help us. But we are talking about stuff that has already happened," he said. "What is being done to attempt to catch these guys?"

When speaking to CBS DFW, he said: "It's definitely frustrating and it's scary and it's disheartening that something is going on during the last few weeks and we're being targeted."

Authorities said there have been eight attacks, including Dominguez's assault, since Sept. 1. In some cases, the victims were robbed as well as physically attacked. Police said they have little information about a suspect, or suspects, and could not say if the incidents are connected.

Though cops cannot say for certain that the incidents are linked, they did say there are similarities: the attacks took place on weekend nights and each victim was walking alone near Cedar Springs Road.

Police are only considering one of the eight attacks a hate crime, which involved the attack on a man leaving the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade and Dallas Pride festival on Sept. 20. Police said the attacker made "numerous derogatory statements referencing the victim's perceived sexual orientation."

"These incidents have been really horrific.These are the type of incidents that no community should stand for," Dallas Deputy Police Chief Catrina Shead told the Dallas Morning News.

Dominguez told CBS DFW: "I feel like, as a community, we have a history of standing up for ourselves. And I think this is a time we really need to stand up for ourselves," said Dominguez."


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