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Wanting to Bond with Son, Dad's Reddit Post Seeking to Understand 'Drag Race' Goes Viral

Friday Apr 13, 2018

A single father asking the "RuPaul's Drag Race" sub-Reddit for help with understanding the show so he can relate to his teen son, who is a fan of the reality show, is going viral this week.

"Okay so I'm a single parent of two amazing boys (4-year-old and 15 years old)," writes the dad, who goes by the username dad_of_a_fan. "My 15-year-old has a tough time at school, being shy and having a stutter.

"I was cleaning up his room while he was in the shower and I need this show (rupaul) was paused on Netflix," he continued. "He has been using different kind of phrases like 'the shade' and 'I'm gagging' (that one worried me at first). I googled the shade and found it was a drag term but I didn't understand it.

"Is there any advice you can give me? I won't embarrass him and start quoting the show but when he said he was 'gagging' I had no idea how to react," the father wrote. "I would like to know how to react. I was hoping I could get a crash course on this sort of chat.

"Any tips would be awesome and any stories or general advice would help," he added. : I'm sure he is gay too for other reasons."

The post received hundreds of responses on Reddit, many of which were incredibly supportive. The post spilled over on other social media platforms, like Twitter, with users gushing over the father's attempt to understand his teen boy. Some screenshots of the dad's post have gone viral on Twitter as well.

Below, check out the father's post in full along with some of the best Twitter responses.

Need help with my drag fan son. from r/rupaulsdragrace


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